LA Times picture of Modern Goddess “A Modern Goddess is someone who balances creative resources and wisdom with the ability to make things happen in the material world.

-from The Modern Goddess:  Embracing Your Inner Goddesses Through Meditation, Reflection & Ritual.

 The Birth of the Modern Goddess Circle

In March 1994 my mentor, Diane Miller, dropped a challenge in my lap that I couldn’t refuse—to get off my Goddess-loving duff and step into my full power as a workshop leader.  I hemmed for a moment and hawed for a minute before boldly accepting her challenge…

And just like that, the Modern Goddess circle was conceived!

A Big Gulp and Away We Go!

I invited a small group of women to join me in a month-long journey to explore seven goddess archetypes, and examine the impact these archetypes had on us as we navigated our way through contemporary culture.

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I shared everything I knew about the goddess with these seven wonderful women until my wellspring of information ran, well, dry.  With one more week to go in my workshop series!

Now what?

As my panic crept closer, the lovely, melodic voice that whispers its wisdom to me in moments just like this said, “Next Thursday is the Full Moon.  Do a Full Moon Ceremony.


Then my sigh of relief was cut short by a shriek of confusion, “WHAT?  What the heck is a Full Moon Ceremony?”  That soothing, melodic voice gently laughed and assured me that I knew exactly what to do.

Enter Stage Left my Inner Wise Woman.  Although I had never attended such a ceremony—much less led one—I made the acquaintance of what turned out to be my Inner Priestess and allowed her to guide me through the creation of my very first Full Moon Ceremony.

That first ceremony ignited the interest of the group and the women asked if we could meet again the following month.  I replied with a resounding “YES!” and proudly witnessed the birth of our continuing circle.

Full Moon & Then Some!

After gathering to celebrate the full moon for six months, I introduced the Solstice and Equinox ceremonies.  These rituals encouraged us to grow in new ways as we discovered the herstory of the earth’s cycles.

Right from the start, my commitment has been to welcome any and all women into the circle, regardless of personal beliefs or religious upbringing.  The Modern Goddess circle is open and eclectic, and I’m very proud of that.  It is a truly beautiful sight to behold women of all ages—and from every imaginable background—sitting in circle, together.

Over the years we have gathered in living rooms, parks, a tipi and a magical Native American Ceremony House.   Wherever we gather, the circle has a comforting familiarity borne of ceremonial continuity.

We begin by calling in the four directions, elements and Goddess Spirits.  We celebrate the cycles of our lives with gratitude, the earth’s seasons with reverence, and the planetary shifts through Astrological awareness with awe.  The focus of our rituals is always healing, self-love and empowerment of the feminine principles in our world.  The goal:  Balance.

Sitting in circle is a transformative experience. According to some, being part of such a spiritual and supportive environment has helped them find their inner strength.  For others it provides the impetus to continue working on changing their lives for the better, and the confirmation that those changes are possible and real.  I’ve also heard from some that the circle provides a safe place to communicate what’s really happening in their lives … not just the spin they present to the world.  And for most, the circle is a foundation and a family of choice.

By giving voice to our dreams, passions and sorrows in the presence of unconditionally loving witnesses, we become more of who we are meant to be.  When we open our hearts with courage and gratitude, we become altered at the sacred alter.  We become The Modern Goddess.