Pushback And Other Challenges Along The Way To Irresistible!

Do your panties ever get all twisty when you take on something brand new and ask for feedback?  Yeah, mine can, too.  That’s why I go to my inner circle and power tribe for feedback first.

Here’s how it usually goes: You spend hours, days, maybe years thinking about and planning to implement an idea or dream.  Then one day, it’s ready “enough” and you reveal the beta version to a select group of your peeps.

Your adoring fan friends will love you no matter what and tell you how fantastic it is and you are.  You know who they are… they are the ones you go to when you need a boost!  (Send your fans a wave of love and gratitude, right now!)

Some friends tell you what they really think about those new jeans and about whatever else you ask their opinion.  This is invaluable because truth is what you want in feedback.  (Now send them a wave of “thank you for keeping it real,” energy!)

And Out Of Left Field…………

And, you will receive responses you didn’t see coming.  The response that makes you question subtle distinctions is what I call Million Dollar Feedback, even when it tastes like face-scrunching Chinese herbs going down.

Why?  It provokes you to question your intent, know it and possibly yourself that much more.  It also broadens your range of thinking for your next idea, project or creation.

Back To Irresistible

I never knew irresistible was such a loaded word!  When I tested “Irresistible” in my website’s header tag line, fan friends loved it, and my “those jeans don’t do your a** any favors” friends asked questions and made suggestions.

The out of left field responders thought I’d lost my feminist edge.  A few wondered if after all these years I’d caved in to the mainstream media’s pinking, princessing and prostituting of women.  No, no and heck no.

In this Modern Goddess land, Irresistible is a quality rather than an outcome.  Irresistible is a state of being.  Irresistible is living in the sweet spot of mental clarity of intention, fueled by helpful (some would say “positive”) emotions and an ability to laugh … at circumstances and self.

Handling Hot Potato Feedback

How did I handle the left-field responses?  I got curious first, and when I felt the inevitable first wave of defense rise, I got more curious.  And I really listened to the intent behind the words.  What I heard was care and concern that I NOT be misunderstood, because these women believe in my work and stand.  (Phew!)

I’m so grateful for all of the feedback I received about Irresistible.  I’m clearer than ever that Irresistible is about living an authentic, transparent, intentional life.

Your Definitions

What does Irresistible mean to you?  What makes YOU Irresistible?  Please add your comments below, so we can all widen our definition and connotation index.

Worth It Challenge #1

Ask ten people in your inner circle for feedback on an idea, concept, project or that long cherished dream of yours.  If you accept this challenge, open and close the feedback loop in a week’s time.

Stay open and curious to the feedback.  Then ask yourself these questions:

♦ What is my stand or intention?

♦ What specifically do I want to generate?

♦ What is the best possible outcome?

Love & Light,


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