Feminine Is the New Black! (And it looks great on you!)

Have The Goddess and The Feminine Reached a Tipping Point?

I feel so full.  And a little bit self-satisfied!  Why?  I’m hearing and watching people talk about something dearest to my goddess-feminine-power-promoting heart – The Feminine!

And not in the fluffy pink pillow, impossible to walk in pink strappy sandals or inappropriately revealing neckline way! (Yes, I love my fluffy pillows, strappy sandals and, well, mostly appropriate necklines!  That’s just not what fuels my feminine energy power!)

From hard-hitting business networking events and conferences to new technology training courses and even guests (Kate Hudson) on late night talk shows, people are talking about Feminine Energy!

Last night at a networking event, a colleague told me I had to meet so-and-so because she is on the Feminine Energy wavelength, too!  Last month, I joined tele-summits to talk about all things Feminine! (I can’t wait to tell you when those calls roll out – especially the one with Mat Boggs of “Cracking The Man Code” and “Project Everlasting” fame).

No More Devil Horns & Pitchfork!


Some of you long-time Modern Goddesses know when I began marketing the MG workshop in 1994 many people looked at me like I had horns, a tail and pitchfork!

You didn’t though!   Why?  Like me, you knew women being empowered in leadership roles had everything to do with the inclusion of Feminine Energy … and nothing to do with trying to do leadership like a man does, i.e., in a masculine energy way.

Here’s To The Tipping Point

This Tipping Point is a point of balance.  Our world has been mostly out of balance with the masculine energy running amok.  You know … that over achieving, at all costs, make more money, and build bigger things crap!  Ugh, my stomach knotted just typing that darn sentence.

The opportunity for us all, women and men alike, is to fine-tune our feminine energy and radar.  First up?  Get grounded.

Three Feminine Energy Building Strategies You Can Do Right Now!


1.    When you find yourself feeling the need to control rather than take charge or lead (the result of masculine energy take-over), stop.  Revisit your “COOC Resignation” letter!

2.    Each morning ask your heart, “What do you want me to experience today?”  Listen to the answer.  Write it down or make it a screen saver.

3.    Make a list of 3 people you can collaborate with in three areas of your life.  Ex:  a work project, a home project, a physical health endeavor.

It is up to all of us to include and bring to the light of truth the much maligned, misunderstood and shrouded power of Feminine energy.  What will you do to reveal your part?

Love & Light,



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