Grand Water Trine – July 29, 2013

Often we feel at the “mercy” of planetary activity.  “Nonsense,” is my response to that!  Yes, of course we will feel the influence of celestial movement.  And you, go-getter Modern Goddess that you are, know that when you have background about such things and make choices, take action, and show up – transformation occurs. My three favorite things in the world are all in focus with this Grand Water Trine:  Love, Forgiveness and Transformation.  … [Read more...]

How To Transmute Your Stuff!

From the insult, “Snake-oil salesman” describing someone believed to be a charlatan to “That ssssnake!” implying someone dastardly, snakes get a bad rap.  Growing up in Texas, I can’t tell you how many times I heard, “The only good snake is a dead snake.”  My mother even tried to instill her snake-phobia into me.  Mostly, I just wound up afraid of them. Wait A Minute! Afraid of them that is right up until I enthusiastically embraced the meaning … [Read more...]