Stop Pretending You Don’t Know

 “Oh, my god!  Mom, I think I just saw a whale!  Yes!  I see the tail!  Oh my god!  There’s the spray again!”  I leapt off my cozy sofa to stand in front of the giant window in my living room, my eyes widened to see as much of the ocean in front of me as I could.   “Do people on the beach see it?” my mom asked.    I moved my gaze to the beach.  “They do!  There’s a family standing still, lined up looking where I’m looking!  And everyone on the … [Read more...]

Perfectionistas & Other Nightmares

Years ago I read that the Dali Lama told Oprah there is no such thing as “perfect” when she asked him what his perfect day looked like.  She and her audience gasped then laughed at themselves. I’m trying to remember to laugh at myself often these days as I implement some new healthy habits.  I want to do it “right” and be “perfect” in my new habits.  Can you relate?  If so, keep reading.  If you are the Dali Lama, well, I hope you look good in … [Read more...]