Double Your Pleasure!

Do you remember the old Wrigley’s Double Mint gum commercials, showing twins enjoying all sorts of fun activities while chewing Double Mint gum, with the tag line of “Double your pleasure, double your fun…”? Well, this weekend offers double opportunity to express gratitude and examine your life through the lens of the Full Moon and Lammas, the halfway mark between Summer and Fall. So, I’m calling it a weekend of Double-Ups! (Check out my new … [Read more...]

What Are You Harvesting?

What Are You Harvesting?  While etymological experts debate the origin of the word Lammas, the first week of August is well recognized as a celebration of the early harvest, particularly in Europe.  This Earth Harvest celebration is a great time for us to pause and reflect. Yes, our social media fast pace world urges us to do more and push harder, but  let’s slow down today and look. Take a moment to consider:  Which of your 2011 goals have … [Read more...]