SuperMoon, Super YOU & Solstice!

I admit, I stumbled my way through Freshman Astronomy 101.  When told the moon is 238,900 miles away from earth, I asked “So, how many times would I have to drive from Houston to Austin?”  Of course my question elicited snickers.  However, I was trying to put a context around that great distance so I could understand viscerally.  Yep, I’m a kinesthetic learner.   The almost full moon and Pacific Ocean have dazzled me the last few nights.  The … [Read more...]

Missing The Magic? Five Easy Steps to Feel It Again!

“How can I be blasé about my 5 star view of the Pacific Ocean?  What’s wrong with me?” I wondered, sipping my coffee on an overcast morning.  I used to greet my Auntie Pacifica each day and observe her state of mind.  Was she ruffled by the wind, smooth and silky, blue or gray?  Lately, I barely notice my view that millions of people only get to experience on vacation.  Talk about a guilt & gulp moment. What is Blasé, really? Lack of … [Read more...]

 “The door of January 2012 is closing,” I mused aloud as I walked beside my beloved ocean last week.  I did not panic, quicken my pace or give in to the part of me that loves to check off everything on a list as quickly as possible.  My plan for January was simple: complete the re-write on four chapters of my book between client calls, speaking engagements and stowing holiday decor.  I’ve de-Christmased, spoken at the conference, but no, I’ve … [Read more...]

Wide-Eyed Dolphin

 I was just on the phone with my writing buddy Lauren (we write together almost every morning).  Halfway through our “good morning, how ya doing?” check in, I glanced out the window and saw my beloved dolphin pod come up for air.  I squealed, leapt from my chair and went to the window.  Lauren asked, “What are they saying to you?”  I replied tentatively, “There’s always hope?”     Dolphin, Dolphin, Dolphin! I focused near their first … [Read more...]

Want What You Want RIGHT NOW? Yes, the Full Moon is in Aries!

Feeling impatient?  A little testy?  Me, too!  This week, don’t make yourself wrong for that tug of energy compelling you to do...something!  The trick with this month’s Full Moon in Aries (Tuesday, October 12) is to make sure you move in desired, consciously chosen directions rather than in an “up yours!” reactive one! Damn The Torpedoes, Full Speed Ahead! Full Moon in Aries awakens us from apathy, boredom and fear of moving forward.  What … [Read more...]

Is Your “It” Showing?

We all have an “it” we try to battle alone.  Sometimes we shroud our “it” in a fog of denial as thick as the Mists of Avalon. The “ouch” factor in that is, our “it” is more evident to those around us than to ourselves!  Before you slink into those Mists, I want you to know that everyone I’m talking with … clients, friends, family, myself (!) … well, let’s just say our individual and collective “its” are clamoring for attention these … [Read more...]