Are You A Sentimental Sensitive?

Thanksgiving week is full of so much emotion for me. A born gratitude junkie, I LOVE stopping mid week and gathering with people to celebrate gratitude.  I also love to cook for holiday meals and it begins tonight!  (My very-requested recipe for Jack Daniels Sweet Potatoes is at the end of this missive.  You’ll thank me later!) I’m also what you might call a sentimental sensitive.  When we love, baby, we are ALL in.  Sound familiar? … [Read more...]

Two Holiday Survival Tips That Matter!

If you are anything like me, you have more than 100 unread emails full of business advice, learning opportunities, and cyber deals of the day.  And, like me, you may feel compelled to complete a 2011 goal come hell or high water.  You may also feel guilty about what you didn’t start or complete in 2011.  Well, don’t let your saboteurs or the online marketing gurus steal your holiday joy!  Wherever you are is just fine!  Just published on … [Read more...]