How Big Is It?

How big is it? … the problem I mean.  That’s the question I’m pondering after all the email responses to my article published on  (Click on over to see what’s causing all the hoopla!)  In the article, I answered the question posed:  “How can high-ranking women in business deal with disrespectful, old-fashioned male executives?”    I got naked and shared personal experiences of disrespect, including: the porn images sent to me by a … [Read more...]

Wednesday, June 15 is the Full Moon – and an eclipse, no less!

The eclipse will run for a very long 100+ minutes and begins at 1:14 p.m. pacific.  Though North Americans won't SEE it happening, we will all feel it! More on that below!     What’s Your State of Mind? Grandmother moon's fullness in Sagittarius this month calls us to inhabit our "higher mind" or intuition, knowing and wisdom.  It also calls us to search for meaning and know the truth of ourselves, rather than the story told about … [Read more...]