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There are thousands of women speakers in today’s market, which is good news!  The GREAT news is Cat Williford is the one who will make you look good.  

Cat Speaking 1Cat is one of the most experienced coaches in the world and has spent the last twenty years coaching, training and speaking internationally for making-a-difference women leaders.  Her unique blend of humor, irreverent feminine spiritual wisdom, business savvy, live theatrical background and Texas “wow” is unrivaled.

From The Maury Povich Show to features in the LA Times and coaching live on ABC talk radio, she inspires, entertains, educates, enlightens and heals what ails you. 

Women, Women, Women

Well-seasoned, over-achieving, shimmy-shakin’ women find particular inspiration and empowerment in Cat’s sessions.  They feel her authentic grapple with their primary concern – how to take care of their mid-life body while continuing to live their full-tilt-boogie passion-fueled life!  She shares her personal triumphant healing tactics so participants leave with a renewed sense of energy AND brass tack strategies.

“I have learned and grown so much thanks to your Goddess workshop.  It opened new vistas for me.  Thank you for all the richness you’ve brought into my life.  You are truly a loving example of Goddess in the world.” – Katherine Wagner, Artist

Cat’s provocative, signature sessions provide blueprints for real change that include simple, powerful tools for immediate use.  Quite simply, Cat evokes transformation.  Each session includes hot-seat coaching opportunities for participants!

The Body, The Body, Your Body – Learn How to Decode its Messages!
What would it be like to have a conversation with your body rather than just wish something were different (or stop beating the crap out of yourself about what you don’t like)?  Some of us “wear” our years of over-doing-it and body abuse as extra pounds.  And some of us try to ignore the aches and pains in our neck, back, shoulders or stomach.  What if there was a super-simple-and-fast way to listen to and work with your body?  Cat will take you through her signature system:  Decode Your Body’s Messages and Experience New Levels of Energy, Health, Love, and Passion!  Download her free e-book now. 

From Visions to Reality – Influence Your World With the Words You Think, Speak and Write!  Every time you think, you create reality.  Every time you open your mouth and speak you create something.  And in the dizzying world of social media’s shorthand and e-cons, what are you creating?  If you just gulped, good!  You are not alone.  Cat’s Dynamic Speaking Skills system ensures you think, write and speak the language of inspired and purposeful Vision. The result?  You create what you intend to create. 

Cat is available for speaking engagements for associations, conferences, retreats, and public or in-house training courses.

“I would really recommend your workshop for any woman who feels any discomfort with any part of herself. It is a valuable tool to get in touch with yourself.” – A.J. Halsey, Business Owner and Mom

Conversations that are Relevant,
Interactive & Inspirational

Cat believes all presentations are conversations.  Her approachable, facilitative training style exponentially enhances the connection her audiences experience.

Twenty plus years of live theatre performance taught Cat to use the energy and mood of an audience to deliver information in ways they can hear.  

She’s known to toss out well-planned outlines to serve participants in the moment, creating unforgettable, life-changing moments.  Ex: She was hired to deliver a keynote on “Work-Life Balance” for a group of 500+ managers in the aerospace industry; she discovered ten minutes before starting that half the audience members would receive pink slips within 30 days.  Honoring reality, she created a new message as she spoke:  How to Stay Personally Balanced During Massive Change.

“Thank you so much for putting on such a wonderful, fantastic, informative, loving seminar. I enjoyed every aspect of the weekend, (the good, the hard, the laughter and the tears).” – Deb, Stylist

Experiences that differentiate Cat from the pack

Calamity taught Cat to overcome great loss and to heal by listening to her body.

As passenger, she survived a car-train wreck, rehabbing a shattered right leg to return to her athletic loves – running, hiking, skiing and water sports.

♦ Cat donated a kidney to her fater when she was twenty-five.  Due to other tragic circumstances, he died six months later.  Her grief took her to the Haleakal Crater on Maui, HI, where she first heard the Goddess whisper great truths in her ear.  Her passion for working with women was reignited and she hasn’t stopped since that time.

Four years ago Cat received a diagnosis of an ovarian growth.   Determined to give alternative methods every chance, she learned about self-love, body-love, asking for help and receiving love and help.  That learning, combined with three intense weeks of healing sessions and support from dear goddess friends, shrunk the growth.  In six weeks it was gone altogether – no surgery.

Cat is as comfortable as a trainer in corporate settings as she is leading a Full Moon Ceremony or conducting a Reiki healing session. 

Cat is one of the first six coaches the prestigious Coaches Training Institute (CTI) certified – today there are over 5000 CTI-certified coaches.  She was also one of the first to achieve the Master Certified Coach designation with the International Coach Federation (ICF).  Today, she is a senior faculty member of CTI, and has trained over fifteen hundred Coaches worldwide.

When Cat began speaking about The Modern Goddess in 1994, people looked at her like she had a tail and pitchfork!  She kept talking anyway.  Additionally, she founded The Modern Goddess ceremony circle that year, which nearly one thousand women have participated in.

Cat developed speaking programs for clients and audience participants who asked, “How are you so comfortable in front of an audience?”  Her program illuminates the powerful speaker within, no gimmicks or tricks allowed.  Additionally, she regularly delivers Coach Training courses and works with Strengths Finder 2.0 by the Gallup.

And from the files of the really wacky…

Cat discovered a wacky talent for hand-eye coordination when she learned to shoot a shotgun on a double-dog-dare.  No one was more surprised than she when she won the Charlton Heston NRA Celebrity Trap Shoot held at Camp Pendleton, CA.  A photo of her wearing a miniskirt while shooting a clay pigeon at the competition appeared in Guns & Ammo Magazine a few months later much to her Texas family’s delight.  (Note: She is a gun-control advocate and is NOT a member of the NRA.) 

Make your next event an unforgettable,
Life and Body Transforming conversation!


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