Leadership Coaching

  • Do you yearn for an ally that is separate from your organizational structure?
  • Do you wish you could just talk out loud and get a quick hit of feedback without a hidden agenda?
  • Do you hunger for a support team that is available only to you?

 I thought so!  That’s why I developed a coaching package especially for you, a busy woman juggling multiple priorities.

Leadership Coaching

• Takes you from problem solving to innovation and possibility
• Halts a downward spiral before it starts
• Builds your confidence
• Helps you hone and communicate your vision
• Provides a personal sounding board


“Cat Williford has been my coach for a number of years: she’s my toughest challenger and my kindest friend. She has encouraged me to use the power of coaching in the way I lead and manage which has been particularly effective. She has helped me to step up to the challenge of ‘leading without leading’: running a global organisation of collaborators and colleagues through honest relationships not position or power. Cat has also helped me to find my voice and step onto the stage to speak about leadership, the role of women as leaders and to celebrate the inspirational leadership in the everyday. Thanks Cat especially for supporting me to practice what I preach!”

– Helen Caton Hughes, CEO


Still wondering if you are a perfect candidate for Leadership Coaching?

If you have ever asked yourself the question, “What is it going to take for me to _______?” with an exasperated tone, it is time for Leadership Coaching.

If you lie awake in bed, mulling over how to handle all the changes and chaos coming in the next quarter, it is time for Leadership Coaching.

If you have taken leadership courses that didn’t provide structured on-going support, it is time for Leadership Coaching.

If you slip into micro-management, it is time for Leadership Coaching.

If you find yourself thinking about work stuff during family time, it is time for Leadership Coaching.

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