Full Moon Breakthrough!

The full moon of July is called the Buck Moon.  Why?  Bucks get their new velvety antlers in July!  It’s a rite of passage moon, really – things bursting forth and taking new shape. 

This particular full moon in Capricorn on July 3 is demanding us to “grow and transform already” due to Pluto squaring and sparring with Uranus.  So don’t be surprised if you find yourself a wee bit impatient and irritable when it feels like you are circling around the same emotional issue for the ninety-ninth time. 

The Good News: 

All the transformative work you have done to date counts!  Yippee!

The other good news is this full moon is a call to action of sorts; asking you to just do the things you have been putting off.  Women tend to put off their health more than anything else, in the name of doing things for others, work, etc.  

Your Turn!

So, if you have dilly-dallied about scheduling a check-up appointment or two, pick up the phone.  (I just had my teeth cleaned!)  If you’ve been avoiding your workout shoes, full moon in Capricorn quotes Nike and implores you to, “Just do it!”  If you love yoga and haven’t even touched your toes lately, follow an online class or grab your yoga mat and head to a studio.

Why?  There are enough emotional upheavals going on that we feel completely out of control about these days so why not do the things you can be in charge of?

Your Body Tells The Truth

Not sure what your body needs?  Ask it.  Here’s how I do that.  I take three very slow breaths.  By the third breath, I can feel my heart rate fall a bit and my shoulders fall a lot. 

Then I put my hands on my heart and simply say, “Dear Body, I love you and am grateful for how well you treat me.  I know I don’t always act like it and I’m sorry about that.  I admit to frequently eating what my mind and emotions want rather than make a green juice.  I also admit I sometimes knowingly ignore your messages.  I’m really sorry.  And here I am, asking you right now, what do you want from me?”

I swear, my body answers and yours will, too.  Sometimes my body wants me to move gently, and other times it wants a full-tilt boogie run on the beach.  Often, it wants me to slow down and be with my emotions.  (My body never asks for tortilla chips, animal crackers or margaritas no matter how much I want it to!) 

Being Centered is the New Corner Office!

With all the wild planetary squares, oppositions and retrogrades going on in our solar system right now, it is very important to stay centered.  Or at least come back to it when you realize you aren’t there any longer!  

When I start to get caught up in a swirl of “ick” (and can remember to) I look out of my window and breathe to the rhythm of the Pacific’s waves.  If I’m not at home, I find something in nature to look at or visualize for a moment.  That brings me to instant gratitude, which is just about the truest elixir to “ick” that I know.

What returns you to your center instantly?  (Whatever does the trick for you practice it early and often this summer!)

Making It Real

Circling back to the rite of passage aspect of this full moon … assuming you are not going to sprout velvety antlers any time soon, what rite of passage are you going through?  What is bursting forth and newly taking shape in your life?  In particular, what is the emotional rite of passage available to you in this moment? Name these out loud, at least to yourself.   

Wherever you are in the world, I truly hope the sky is clear tonight so when you look up, you can connect to Grandmother Moon’s full, bright pool of love. 

In Peace,


P.S.  Last night, I left my blinds open and slept in the moon’s light beaming in my window.  I had the most glorious dreams!



  1. Just LOVE reading all this juicy info, Cat. Thanks so much for being YOU.


    • Thank you, love! And thank YOU for being you, kicking those inner mean girls into reform school!

  2. Thank you so much for this bright, inspiring, positive-energy-filled newsletter, Cat! May our Great Mama Moon shine her brightness upon you, and may moonshadows trace black lace beneath your bare feet…


    PS Don’t know if you prefer not to receive suggestions, but will just gently offer: in this context, it is “rite” of passage, not “right.” May your beautiful feathers not be ruffled…my Mom was my English teacher, it’s genetic…:~)

    • Heh-heh – re: rite vs right … don’t rely on the spell check in wordpress is all I’m saying! I added that paragraph after copying the rest in! And I’m all for suggestions – spelling, grammar, what types of articles you enjoy reading – anything! At least I got it correct in the first paragraph! (It is now changed – thanks!) And thank you for the lovely blessings!

  3. Cat, The Body Tells the Truth! Love it! Came at the perfect time for me. Thank you!!! <3

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