Wednesday, June 15 is the Full Moon – and an eclipse, no less!

The eclipse will run for a very long 100+ minutes and begins at 1:14 p.m. pacific.  Though North Americans won’t SEE it happening, we will all feel it! More on that below!



What’s Your State of Mind?

Grandmother moon’s fullness in Sagittarius this month calls us to inhabit our “higher mind” or intuition, knowing and wisdom.  It also calls us to search for meaning and know the truth of ourselves, rather than the story told about us.

The eclipse brings in the added bonus of, well, a little push-me / pull-you, if you will!  The sun in Gemini will pull us to experiences and tactical learning (possibly those hard-knock lessons based on stubbornness!) while Sagittarius urges us to use discrimination of truth, intuition and discretion by way of wisdom.

Comfort, Habit and Other Traps

So, what the heck does all that astrological jargon mean?  Be aware of old stuff pulling you into the comfort zone of habituated experience that may not serve you any more.  The invitation is to choose to stay in the “higher mind” of intuition and wisdom.

Last week as I dozed on a plane heading to visit my mom, a friend who lives about 100 miles from where we grew up drifted through my brain. Hazily, I thought of calling her to tell her I’d be in the area, thinking she just might be going to visit there, too.


Guess what?  I fell fast asleep on the plane, landed, got busy, and didn’t call her. Five days later I received a text that she had just been in the city we grew up in … and we are both kicking my lack of follow-through on my intuition.

My hard-knock lesson?  When I don’t follow-through on my intuition, I miss opportunity (or worse).  Arrrgghhh!

Several weeks ago I wrote here about the stories told about us – by others and ourselves.  This lunar eclipse is another opportunity to break the habit of an old story that gives you permission to do things that range from lazy to self-destructive.

Some Lazy is Good Lazy!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for lazy in the hot summer!  Give me a tall glass of lemonade while I laze in a hammock shaded by a canopy of tree foliage any day!

AND, this full moon eclipse provides the opportunity to look at the ways that self-destructive experiences take you away from your wisdom, intuition and “higher” mind.

This Month’s Full Moon Fun!

So, use this month’s full moon and eclipse energy as an impetus to pay attention to and follow-through on your intuitive hits, while usurping an old story’s hold over you.

  1. What is the indulgent permission you are granting yourself or old story that takes you into self-destructive behaviors?
  2. How do you receive your intuition?  Do you see mental pictures or hear voices or experience body sensations?
  3. Follow through on your intuitive hits at least three times in the next 7 days!  Track the results!  And, track the results of the intuitive hits you don’t take action around, too and compare notes.

Love & Light,





  1. cat, what a great post. this comes at a great time as i try to wind down a writing project i’m on, with a deadline of this weekend. i can feel the pull to suddenly reorganize all of my Word files, or develop a hobby growing herbs, even rearrange my shoes. it reminds me of finals week in college. it was the only time my dorm room was really, really clean. thanks for the tip that this is a good time to let those lazy habits go! and to follow my intuition instead. 🙂 Jeff

  2. Following our intuition is so important, Cat. Thanks for the reminder. Mary

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