Is Your “It” Showing?

We all have an “it” we try to battle alone.  Sometimes we shroud our “it” in a fog of denial as thick as the Mists of Avalon. The “ouch” factor in that is, our “it” is more evident to those around us than to ourselves! 

Before you slink into those Mists, I want you to know that everyone I’m talking with … clients, friends, family, myself (!) … well, let’s just say our individual and collective “its” are clamoring for attention these days.

What’s An “It”?  

It can be the thing you obsessively think about that fills up your cup of regret and tastes like cheap wine turned to vinegar.  It can be the thing that wakes you at 3:45 a.m. and leaves you a tossing, turning wrung out panicky wreck.  It can be the thing that drives you to snack and put the monster in a food coma rather than feel the discomfort of the “it”. 

At least, these are some of the ways I know I’m grappling with a hairy, scary, be-deviled or awe-inspiring “it”! 

It Depends On What The Meaning Of It Is! 

Some “its” feel good, like the longing to do something new, or to take a leap into the unknown of a long cherished dream.  Other “it” urges feel yucky since they require us to halt something – a habit, relationship, job.  And some “its” are just plain scary because they involve changing a life-long behavior about how we do this thing called life.

How Do You Know You Have An “It” Behavior Operating In Your Life?     

  • A medical wake-up-call gets your attention (hello, I broke my right foot at the end of June doing something I love to do!)
  • Your professional or financial life feels like it is at the mercy of others
  • A personal relationship is suffering strife

Relief Is Here!  

I have some really great news if your “it” is trying to get your attention in any of the unsettling manners above.  Saturday, August 13, the Full Moon is in Aquarius, Aquarius being the home of doing things differently!  This full moon energy will support you to shift a behavior that is holding you back from achieving your dream “its”!

Doing things differently is exciting and daunting all at once.  The opportunity at hand is to look deeply at your behavior “it” so you can decide how to proceed.  Hint: Moon in Aquarius illuminates group and team support!  Aquarius may be independent, but it doesn’t like to do every task alone.    

True That!  

I’ve been tired of feeling like the Lone Ranger.  My behavior “it” of late is continue my learning curve of asking for help in my personal life and hiring the right help in my business.  I must say there’s nothing like being on crutches to teach me to actually receive the help and support I ask for!

I know transforming my Lone Ranger behavior into a habit of asking for and receiving help is what will make my dream “its” manifest with more ease and joy.  

Questions To Ponder: 

  • What is my behavior “it” I’d like to do differently?  
  • What will my life look like when I change my “it” behavior?
  • What support / help do I need?
  • Who can I ask for help? 
  • When will I ask for help?
  • How committed am I to this change in behavior?

One support I identified for my book writing “it” a few years ago is a group coaching structure.  I had been letting my “Who needs another book on dogs?” Saboteur talk me into a behavior of hiding my wisdom.  Ugh!       

More Relief! 

So, I developed the “Worth It! Challenge” group coaching program to take you from stuck and out of action to feeling engaged and moving forward with your dream “it” goal!   

Each “Worth It! Challenge” group is limited to six participants.  Why just six?  An exclusive, small group of committed participants experiences extraordinary results in record time!  The next group starts the week of September 12.  Click here to find out more!

One More Astrological Note

The dreaded Mercury Retrograde is upon us!  If you’ve noticed that communications seem to be arduous and timing feels off or technology is cranky, you are experiencing some of the effects.     

My advice?  Take a deep breath and don’t take ANYTHING personally!  Even when it absolutely feels personal, don’t take it as such. 

Hmm, my Inner Wisdom just whispered, “That’s good advice no matter what Mercury or any other planet is doing!”

Please share any epiphanies or strategies you come up with.  Let’s learn from each other!

Love & Light,




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