Full Moon Fun!

 Under last night’s nearly full moon, the rising curl of the waves sparkled turquoise  and the foamy tops iridescent as if there was an ethereal, ocean moon, lighting        them from below!  I’m lucky enough to live on the beach and see the moon’s    reflection on the Pacific Ocean all the time, and this month, Grandmother Moon  is dazzling me!


An Energetic Tug of War!

On July 14, 11:39 p.m. pacific, the moon reaches her destination of fullness, transiting Capricorn, while the sun lingers in Cancer.  This moon tugs at us to fulfill a mission in the most practical way possible, while the on-vacation summer sun wants us to fill up our emotional tanks with the love of family and friends.

If you are anything like me, your schedule is chock-full of work commitments, (perhaps too much work that can’t be done in 8 hours a day?) and as many fun activities as you can squeeze in.

Even with your chock-full schedule, you may be saying, “yes” to one more commitment, work or social, more often than not.

The Last Straw   

Remember the game “The Last Straw”?  Yes, there was a camel, saddlebags, and straws!  The camel was hinged in the middle, its hoofs on wheels.  The goal was to put your game piece straws into the saddlebags without having the camel’s wheels roll out from under it! 

My brother, the Capricorn, won many more games than I did.  Why?  He innately understands precision, operates from a plan and stays focused on the task at hand ignoring distractions.

Don’t Just Stare At The Gift – Open It!

This full moon in Capricorn invites us to experience precision, operate from a plan (or design one from which to operate), and stay focused on the task at hand.  

Last weekend, I got the opportunity to re-invent how I DO, DO, DO in the world, utilizing both the Sun in Cancer and incoming Moon in Capricorn transit. 

If you read my last blog entry, you know I broke my right foot a few weeks ago and have been hanging out in my new best friend … a recliner … and am not able to drive or do much running around.

What Is A “Hostess With the Mostess”?

Last Saturday, I found out!  July 9 was the way-in-advance selected date for a group of 14 goddess girlfriends to gather at my home for a bar-b-q.  After the foot break, rather than try to reschedule the date, I decided to ask them all to bring the party!  Guess what?  They did.  

I got to sit in my recliner and revise my working definition of “Hostess with the Mostess”.  It used to mean: create a lovely (dare I say perfect) environment for people to come together.  Creating that environment included providing every beverage someone might want, plenty of snacks, a delicious dining experience along with all the lit candles and abundant loving energy. 

I sank fully into my feminine side in my recliner and glowed with abundant loving energy, as if I were lit from within like the waves I saw last night.  My goddess girlfriends did all the doing … they brought all the food, prepped it, bar-b-q’d it, served it, stocked me with leftovers and cleaned my kitchen. 

Lessons Learned: 

        Hostess with the Mostess is about providing the space and actually visiting with the people you                  invite rather than topping off beverages.
        I can stick to a plan even when circumstances change, delegate ALL tasks and focus on the things              that are truly important to me.

        Often, the legitimate task at hand is simply being with the people you love!

So, which of your old habits of doing, doing, doing needs revamping?  Not sure?  Take a breath and consider what area of your life feels like the proverbial camel’s back about to break.  Got one?  That is the one you can transform with this moon’s energy!

Gratitude & Desire

  1. Celebrate this Capricorn Full Moon by expressing gratitude for all the people you love as well as the ways you allow yourself to receive love.
  2. State out loud your plan of action for revamping a habit or that last straw and commit to this plan for the next 28 days.  Now, this isn’t about adding another straw that might break your camel’s back.  This is about choosing wisely where to put your energy, time and resources!
  3. Brainstorm the ways you will overcome or ignore distractions!
  4. Bonus:  Saturn, the planet that rules Capricorn, loves structure and order.  What current goal could use a little revamped structure or order?

Love Fest

Spread love by stating your gratitude in the comment section below!

Stand strong in your conviction about your upcoming revamp or goal and share your plan of action!  Let’s learn from each other!

Love & Light,


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