Cat’s clients sound off!

“Cat was the first Coach I heard talking about Coaching and Goddesses in the same breath!  I have benefitted first hand from her coaching, goddess wisdom and irreverence.  She helped me find my vision as a coach, and she can support you, too!”

– Morgana Rae, Charmed Life Coach and Money Goddess

“Coaching with Cat is pure decadence without guilt. The investment I hold in coaching is the highest level of self-love and self-care I can give to myself with the highest guaranteed return. In a society that asks women to place value on youth and the quest for the flawless face and body over what lies within – a woman’s confidence and courage – coaching has helped me recalibrate my priorities and choices. My work with Cat has taken me on quite the journey, allowing me to honor my bravery, my beauty and my ability to run naked-crazy-wild with curiosity to create this life I’m living.”

– Laura Bradley Musician, Artist, Composer

Alison Sheehan“Spending time with Cat is one of the most worthwhile things I have done in my career! She is so easy to talk to and does a great job guiding you to think about things in a different way. She provides great tools to use in various situations of your hectic life! Cat truly helped me to become a stronger, more confident leader. I am very grateful for the gift of Cat!”

Alison Sheehan, Momentum Worldwide, SVP,
General Manager St. Louis

“Before working with Cat, I was doing well, but could feel that there were deep and stubborn perspectives holding me back. Working with Cat was like that phrase, “Walk softly and carry a big stick.” She is masterful and so gentle, all at once. With Cat, I was able to articulate and overcome the fears that were getting in my way and increase my confidence as a coach and business owner. I now have a much bigger practice, and am playing in a much bigger field with women executives.”

– Claire Steichen

“Cat Williford has been my coach for a number of years: she’s my toughest challenger and my kindest friend.  She has encouraged me to use the power of coaching in the way I lead and manage which has been particularly effective.  She has helped me to step up to the challenge of ‘leading without leading’: running a global organisation of collaborators and colleagues through honest relationships not position or power.  Cat has also helped me to find my voice and step onto the stage to speak about leadership, the role of women as leaders and to celebrate the inspirational leadership in the everyday.  Thanks Cat especially for supporting me to practice what I preach!”

– Helen Caton Hughes, CEO

“I had lived a pretty good life for many years until I realized that it wasn’t mine. Working with Cat helped me look deeper and find authentic answers to questions that really shattered the ground I used to stand on. Cat guided me though this turmoil with compassion, fierceness and fun. What a gift to work with her.”

– Ute Kueffner

“When I was down in a hole unable to see the light of life, I called Cat. She guided me to the beginning of creating a full expression of my true self. I not only began to see light but the door of possibilities opened, and my own strengths were shined upon. I now have clarified ideas and started the process of creating a truly peaceful life for my soul.”

– Liz Servis, Business Consultant

“I am blown away by the gentle hammer you are in the habit of using when I am questioning my worth. It reminds me that if you are graciously giving and using the remarkable tools of your life for me, I must be worthy.” – Tamara Zook, Quantum Space/Time Clean-Up Professional Organizing “Making space and time for your dreams to come true.”

– Tamara Zook, Quantum Space/Time Clean-Up
Professional Organizing

“Making space and time for your dreams to come true.”

“Thank you so very, very much for your support especially during the last few weeks. You really help me to see my “stuff” for what it truly is and move forward from it. I so appreciate the gifts that you bring.”


– Debbie McGougan, Esthetician
… “Where you take time for YOU!”

marybutler“Your support and encouragement has helped me stay on target and in touch with my dreams. When the light flickered, you were there to remind me of possibility. When the shadow consumed the light, you illuminated the vision; when the going got tough, you had me look up instead of down. A significant contribution to my achieving the dream. Thank you!”

– Mary Butler, VP Human Resources, Wells Fargo Bank