Hello Well Seasoned, Over-Achieving,
Making a Difference Leader

Your work feels meaningful and you are successful. 
You are a pioneer leader and shimmy-shaker of the good stuff in life. 
You got busy and CREATED the life you envisioned.  WOO-HOO!!!
And if you are on this page, you sense you are about to hit a wall. 
You’ve been going 100 mph for a long time doing the things you love to do.      

And, after years of this pace, you:

  • Are increasingly annoyed by mid-life energy depletion
  • “Wear” years of over-doing-it and body abuse as over or under-weight
  • Isolate at night, even cancel social commitments
  • Experience body discomfort – in your neck, back, shoulders, stomach
  • Want to book a fun vacation yet can’t seem to make the plane reservation 
  • Have received, or worry about receiving a diagnosis, or pre-diagnosis via blood work or a routine test

You are approaching what I call the Burn Out Wall.  I know that wall all too well.  I’ve hit it several times in the last twenty years of pioneering the Coaching profession and running my own coaching and training business.

The Universe is trying to get your attention through your body.  

orange hearts-84871_640The first time the Universe got my attention, I was so far gone with systemic Candida I spent an entire year receiving vitamin drips  and “pushes” from a holistic MD.

Four years ago I received a diagnosis of an ovarian growth.   Determined to give alternative methods every chance, I learned about self-love, body-love, asking for help, and receiving love and help.  That learning, combined with three intense weeks of healing sessions and support from my goddess sisters, shrunk the growth.  In six weeks it was gone altogether – no surgery.

Now I’m a master of listening to, and partnering with my body. 

dance-23775_640And you can be, too!

  • Getting into alignment with your body will fling open the door on energy you thought you’d never feel again!
  • Getting into alignment with your body will spark more passion and creativity for your next bad-ass achievement.
  • Getting into alignment with your body will get you out the door again and end your isolation and that “too pooped to pop” syndrome.
  • Getting into alignment with your body will help you to unlock that Goldilocks factor “just right” size for your body today, at this age.
Cat Ziplinging

This is me last year at 49, zip lining!

You’ve pioneered, adventured, taken risks and broken rules!  You’ve made up strategies others now follow.  You’ve said heck-yeah to new ways to do things … and it is time to get the support you need to KEEP living your life as the passion-and purpose-fueled adventure it is!

Now, I’m sure you have some experience with coaching.  And I know when it comes to coaching, you don’t want a pre-packaged, one-size-fits-all coaching program that only “sort of” fits.  That’s like buying a pair of shoes that feel a little tight and wobbly in the store, hoping they will be okay for that cocktail party.

Let’s Get It On!

Envision going on a retreat with your coach, one-on-one.
Envision a yearlong system of support that is customized to you.
Envision working with a coach who only works with a handful of people a year.
Envision a year of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual support.
Envision YOU recharged, healthy, living full-tilt-boogie with energy to spare!


Fill in the contact form below to schedule your Discovery Session.  The goal of the Discovery Session is to make sure we are a good fit…which of course means …do we like each other?  Plus, I plan on committing some serious time, attention, love and energy to you.  I want to know you are committed to doing the same.

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