Mercury Retrograde Relief!

I don't remember ever having so many Mercury Retrograde conversations ... ever ... and that's saying something, y'all!  The other day, after about the ninety-ninth thing went sideways on me, instead of crawling under my bed and hiding like a good kitty, I sat myself down and began to breathe. The following meditation emerged from within and I felt so much peace, strength and grace afterwards, I knew I had to record it and share it with you. It … [Read more...]

Are You There Yet?

“Are we there yet?” is that oft asked question at this time of year, usually from the backseat of a car by a child under the age of twelve. I’m well over the age of twelve but can very easily find myself in the impatience of a twelve year old.  Rather than being tired of the backseat of a car, I’m impatient to see results and feel the achievement of goals set at the beginning of the year … like the launch of my new program, Your Body’s $uccess … [Read more...]

Bigger Than Life Commitment

Most of you know I’m from Texas.  Last night, Wendy Davis, a sister Texan and Modern Goddess demonstrated a particular brand of courage and bigger than life commitment.  She successfully filibustered the Texas senate for THIRTEEN HOURS to prevent a sure-thing disastrous vote on the draconian bill that would have closed 37 of 42 women’s clinics and further eroded Roe v Wade in Texas. During the filibuster, she could not take a sip of water, sit … [Read more...]

SuperMoon, Super YOU & Solstice!

I admit, I stumbled my way through Freshman Astronomy 101.  When told the moon is 238,900 miles away from earth, I asked “So, how many times would I have to drive from Houston to Austin?”  Of course my question elicited snickers.  However, I was trying to put a context around that great distance so I could understand viscerally.  Yep, I’m a kinesthetic learner.   The almost full moon and Pacific Ocean have dazzled me the last few nights.  The … [Read more...]

Breakthrough Full Moon

Breakthrough.  At first I was disturbed to see that the first definition on uses war language: “a military movement or advance all the way through and beyond an enemy's front-line defense.”  Yet the more I thought about breakthrough from this angle, I saw that when we are longing for a breakthrough in our lives, we are at war with some part of ourselves.  We have a vision, an idea, a desire … yet we defend our current position … [Read more...]

Simple Steps to Transform Emotions

This Month's Full Moon’s Eclipse in Scorpio (Thursday, April 25, 12:57 p.m. pacific) has the potential to unlock, release and transform unacknowledged emotions, particularly about your body.  Phew!  I feel lighter already!  Sun in Taurus and the nature of spring pull us to look outside for the tangible answers in life.  Sun in Taurus urges clarity.  Sun in Taurus calls BS on BS.  Sun in Taurus also craves beauty and can open our sensual … [Read more...]

3 Easy Ways To Increase Your Resilience

“What is your current resilience factor?” I asked a client recently.   I could have made a batch of gluten-free cookies in the pause before her answer. “I don’t think I’m very resilient at all,” she said in a measured tone, trying to hide that she was weeping.  “Woo-hoo, pot of gold!” I thought.  Then, with oceans of love, I said to her, “We have hit a nerve here.  Let’s just be right here, right now.”  Just then, she felt vulnerable and … [Read more...]

How To Really Celebrate Being A Woman

Do you really celebrate being a woman?  By its very nature, celebration suggests an out-loud, public proclamation.  Case in point – March 8th is International Women’s Day.  Today, corporations with no, or one or two women on their Boards of Directors, and governments run by non-representative government (as in, not representing the make-up of the population) will donate money, make pledges and promise a few incremental changes. (Don’t worry I … [Read more...]

How To Transmute Your Stuff!

From the insult, “Snake-oil salesman” describing someone believed to be a charlatan to “That ssssnake!” implying someone dastardly, snakes get a bad rap.  Growing up in Texas, I can’t tell you how many times I heard, “The only good snake is a dead snake.”  My mother even tried to instill her snake-phobia into me.  Mostly, I just wound up afraid of them. Wait A Minute! Afraid of them that is right up until I enthusiastically embraced the meaning … [Read more...]

 “The door of January 2012 is closing,” I mused aloud as I walked beside my beloved ocean last week.  I did not panic, quicken my pace or give in to the part of me that loves to check off everything on a list as quickly as possible.  My plan for January was simple: complete the re-write on four chapters of my book between client calls, speaking engagements and stowing holiday decor.  I’ve de-Christmased, spoken at the conference, but no, I’ve … [Read more...]