Trick or Treat!

I loved everything about Halloween as a kid – from picking out costumes and candy to the decorations my mom put up.  At four, I already knew animal print was fashionable, evidenced by this photo!  (My brother looks like he is anything but pleased to be taking this picture with his kid sister, though my mother swears he was just trying to look like a “tough pirate”!) I didn’t know then that Halloween borrows from ancient holidays like Celtic … [Read more...]

Your Abundance and the Fall Equinox

Friday, September 23 is the Fall Equinox, the official ending of summer and beginning of autumn.  There are equal parts day and night, and the Sun enters Libra, the Astrological sign depicted with the scales of balance.  I love to push the “pause” button to reflect on this turning of the seasons because of all it represents: Equality of Sun & Moon, Gratitude for the Harvest, Balance of Feminine & Masculine Energies, Equal Partnerships, … [Read more...]

What Are You Harvesting?

What Are You Harvesting?  While etymological experts debate the origin of the word Lammas, the first week of August is well recognized as a celebration of the early harvest, particularly in Europe.  This Earth Harvest celebration is a great time for us to pause and reflect. Yes, our social media fast pace world urges us to do more and push harder, but  let’s slow down today and look. Take a moment to consider:  Which of your 2011 goals have … [Read more...]

Independence or Else…. What?

Standing in the kitchen on my sixteenth birthday just after passing my driving test, I fondled the chunky silver Chevy keys my father placed in my hand after taking them from his simple key ring. I felt the thrill and power of knowing I could go anywhere at anytime just because I felt like it when I put those keys on my key ring with the tassels, medallions, and leather-cased Mace spray! Our country is about to celebrate Independence Day and … [Read more...]

Summer Solstice June 21, 2011

The longest day of the year is upon us! The Summer Solstice conjures up childhood memories of: ♦ Playing outside with friends even after dinner♦ A Feeling of “I CAN!”♦ A feeling that the next school year was a long way off As an adult, the Summer Solstice might just find you working too hard, too long, and feeling pressured rather than inspired. (I say a big, fat “ugh” to feeling pressured!) Summer Solstice Is a Reason to Celebrate! Google … [Read more...]