How many is too many?

Antsy.  Pacing.  Unsettled.  I can’t stand how many shoes are in my closet.  WHAT???  Did I just say that?  Do I have a fever?  What the heck is going on?   I run down the list of the usual anxiety-producing suspects:  Hot flashes?  Nope, they have taken a vacation.   Taxes?  Nope, they’re paid.  Health?  Hmm, I do need to schedule my next dental cleaning and PAP, but I have no dire premonition.  Still puzzled, I grab my astrological … [Read more...]

Stop Pretending You Don’t Know

 “Oh, my god!  Mom, I think I just saw a whale!  Yes!  I see the tail!  Oh my god!  There’s the spray again!”  I leapt off my cozy sofa to stand in front of the giant window in my living room, my eyes widened to see as much of the ocean in front of me as I could.   “Do people on the beach see it?” my mom asked.    I moved my gaze to the beach.  “They do!  There’s a family standing still, lined up looking where I’m looking!  And everyone on the … [Read more...]

Birthday Meltdown – Gurus, Contraception & Cigarettes

Somewhere between last week’s New Moon, Spring Equinox and my birthday, I got feisty.  March 22 was a big day.  I received an email from requesting money to buy more airtime for a commercial.  “What now?” I wondered, jadedly, clicking the play arrow to watch the video.   Contraception One by one, four young women spoke outrageous comments about women’s contraception and right to choose. Turns out, they were quoting verbatim some of … [Read more...]

Missing The Magic? Five Easy Steps to Feel It Again!

“How can I be blasé about my 5 star view of the Pacific Ocean?  What’s wrong with me?” I wondered, sipping my coffee on an overcast morning.  I used to greet my Auntie Pacifica each day and observe her state of mind.  Was she ruffled by the wind, smooth and silky, blue or gray?  Lately, I barely notice my view that millions of people only get to experience on vacation.  Talk about a guilt & gulp moment. What is Blasé, really? Lack of … [Read more...]

Wide-Eyed Dolphin

 I was just on the phone with my writing buddy Lauren (we write together almost every morning).  Halfway through our “good morning, how ya doing?” check in, I glanced out the window and saw my beloved dolphin pod come up for air.  I squealed, leapt from my chair and went to the window.  Lauren asked, “What are they saying to you?”  I replied tentatively, “There’s always hope?”     Dolphin, Dolphin, Dolphin! I focused near their first … [Read more...]

How Big Is It?

How big is it? … the problem I mean.  That’s the question I’m pondering after all the email responses to my article published on  (Click on over to see what’s causing all the hoopla!)  In the article, I answered the question posed:  “How can high-ranking women in business deal with disrespectful, old-fashioned male executives?”    I got naked and shared personal experiences of disrespect, including: the porn images sent to me by a … [Read more...]

Just Lucky?

I have a double confession, though not the juicy kind requiring a Priest.   First up: I’m lucky.  My numbers are called in raffle prizes.  Store clerks give me discounts.  I find front row parking spaces at malls in December.  Here’s the second confession.  The last two months I’ve dealt with my broken foot, missing out on summer fun has left me feeling decidedly cranky and unlucky. Cursed, Lucky or Blessed? Today I am BLESSING with gratitude … [Read more...]