What Your Body Knows

Flurry Sunday afternoon, the migraine overtook me slowly, as if it had been watching and waiting for a vulnerable moment.  I kept at my organizing and financial tasks, ignoring the growing discomfort in the hopes that the slow start of the headache meant it would not be a bad one.

Monday morning, my inner wisdom said, “Be gentle with yourself today.”  I not only acknowledged the brilliance of that wisdom, I followed it.  But the migraine continued to worsen, moving from a mere 7 head vise-squeeze to a stabbing ice pick behind the eye 8 on the headache Richter scale.  I napped, gently, several times to try to make the pain stop. 

Monday evening, my former love called to say Flurry, the last of our three dogs, was not doing well.  In fact, she was doing so badly, she didn’t even lift her head much less greet him when he returned from a business trip. 

Don’t ask if it can get worse…

My migraine ratcheted up to a 9.5.  I went to bed praying for a clear and free head.  Instead, I was awakened at 6:40 Tuesday morning by nausea and pain so severe that I felt like someone was using a jackhammer inside my head.  The phone rang at 6:45.  Flurry was worse.  He felt her telling him it was her time, and that he had made an appointment with the Vet.

At 10:15 a.m. that morning, after eating protein, standing in a hot shower letting water beat on my head and a host of other headache-easing tricks failed, I collapsed into my recliner with a heated eye pillow laid over my sinuses.  I fell into a meditation and was joined by the Spirit energies of our other two dogs, Chaub, a resplendent Golden Retriever and Sienna, our protector Golden-Chow. 

Amazing Grace

I began singing “Amazing Grace” and sang and sang and sang, just as I had done the night our beloved Chaub died.  Crazy thing is I don’t know the verses, so I made them up as I went. 

“Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
That brought you to our lives,
You once were lost,
But it was we were found,
How can you leave us now?”      

After who knows how many of these made-up verses, the jackhammer in my head stopped very suddenly, as if someone turned off the pain spigot.  

The phone rang.  I heard the tears.  Flurry was gone.

No matter the distance in the time – space continuum, connections are connections.  My migraine was more than whacked out sinuses.  My headache was my body knowing what was happening 3000 miles away in Toronto.  My headache was Flurry’s suffering.  We were released at exactly the same time.

Recognizing Connection

Here’s an exercise I do to become more and more tuned in.  Try it and share below in the comment section what you discover!  Sit in a comfortable position and:   

  1. Do a body scan – what do you notice in your neck, your shoulders, your low back, your stomach, your head, etc?
  2. Focus your awareness on the area of your body that you are feeling the most discomfort. 
  3. Ask, is this pain really mine or am I picking up on something going on in someone I’m connected to?  (Whatever pops into your mind is what to follow.)
  4. Envision a stream of love energy between you and the other person.  With each breath the stream of energy increases in intensity.  Enjoy the connection for a bit! 
  5. Then, ask your body what it wants from you.  Trust the answer. 

Love & Light,



  1. That was a beautiful and touching account Cat! You know your body well and are teaching others to trust what they, too, know about connections to their own bodies. XO

    • Thank you, beautiful one. I put the pause button on my day and went out to enjoy a walk on my beach and connect to nature and my body. Feeling very grateful right now. xo

  2. That is an amazing connection, love and awareness!!
    Trying out your questions I just found out that I ate a bit too much, which takes away some energy. This is quite interesting to notice…

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