Virgo New Moon Advantage

Spice RackI did a little shopping.  OK.  I did a lot more than a little shopping when I was hanging out in Texas with my mom last week.  I came home with an additional suitcase (LOVE Southwest Airline’s baggage policy!) filled with all kinds of things from new clothes to a nifty spice rack with wood spice containers from the 1950’s that match a canister I have of my grandmother’s. 

The Virgo Advantage

Usually, I do the chore of unpacking in a hurry.  This time, I dipped into the Virgo advantage!  The Virgo advantage happens when both the New Moon and Sun are in Virgo, offering  a powerful tag-team of organizing and systemizing.   I embraced all the New Moon and Sun in Virgo can offer a goddess.  

I slowly and methodically began to put away my clothes, delighting in my groovy new GOLD coated jeans.  Then I followed the impulse to overhaul my closet.  I took out, examined and re-folded EVERYTHING I wanted to keep and in the process filled up a bag for giveaway. 

Systems Are Like Fresh Air

Then I re-color-coded the hanging clothes, putting more into my giveaway bag.  Believe me: my closet and kitchen cabinets are the only things I’m anywhere close to being this detailed about – my office is an entirely different conversation!  In fact, it was a dear friend who color-coded my closet after a move in 1989 and I’ve managed to keep it going because it just makes life easier to know where my black tank tops are!   

Even though I am wearing shorts, a coral-colored tank top and flip-flops as I type this missive, I feel ready for the fall season.  And not just in the clothing or spice department.  Taking the care to work with the Virgo advantage has opened up head space, creativity, and what feels like time.  

The Gift

I no longer feel the intense pressure to try to fit in all the opportunities in front of me or force any one of them.  I feel calm and peaceful.  I know all you organizers reading this are slapping your forehead like in the old V-8 commercials!  

But utilizing this powerful Virgo advantage feels like more than getting my organizing-act together.  It feels like I am honoring the gifts of Mother Earth and the Cosmos.

Your Turn

So, precious Modern Goddess: what do you have the urge to organize, systemize, automate or bring to order?  Whatever it is, this is a GREAT time to Work With the Cosmos and Virgo advantage!  Please share below what you will do with this Virgo advantage, gift from the Cosmos!

Next up for me?  Work with this advantage in my office while the organizing feels easy-breezy!

Love & Light,



  1. So that explains it! I have been in a cleansing frenzy for a week now! My office is almost done….next is storage. Goodwill better get ready. There are boxes and boxes coming your way!

  2. I love this post…and it explains why I have been having the urge to clean and organize… mind you that urge had been on holiday all summer long! I plan to organize my desk tomorrow and then hit the bathrooms with some deep cleaning! Thanks Virgo!

  3. Hi Cat,

    Yes, I have been organizing everything in my home from top (aka my clothes upstairs) to my memory keepsakes in the basement). The biggest, ongoing project is organizing my office. For the past month,I have taken the time to complete a couple art / gift projects complete with mailing to the special people. I have maintained twice a day cleaning of our kitchen (i.e. dishes, counter and stove top) and now to attempt to keep the clean laundry folded and put away and/or rotate daily with cleaning cat litter boxes vs human litter boxes …. OH! There are the yard projects too!

    Sometimes, I feel I am more focused on these tasks about my home than I am neglecting seeking full time employment. I do acknowledge that as I c;lear up each project, perform self, home, yard, pet care, I am clearing space within my mind to seek my soul’s desire in the career realm.

    Cheers, VeraMae

    • VeraMae – you bring up a great reminder for all of us not to get too caught up in the organizing that we forget about our MAIN purpose, mission, goals, etc. xx

  4. Hey Cat
    Thanks for the heads up. Like you, my office is well, not color coded. Yet I love that the universe is calling us forth to get organized, and I will lean into that energy now when the winds at our back, as when it comes to this task (not my favorite – I’m a creative not a neat freak) – I need all the support I can get. Blessings – Steve

    • Ah, so much easier to use the wind at our back. Noticed that on my walk yesterday – walking into the wind is not nearly as much fun as walking with it at my back!

  5. This is so helpful to know about, Cat. I was itching to go through bedroom and kitchen cupboards and get rid of stuff, re-organize, etc. i wasn’t exactly fighting it, but i didn’t know where the urge was coming from. I’ll follow it now. Thanks, Virgo!

  6. I’m so glad to hear that I have Universal Support for the ‘finishing up’ of so many projects! And great timing too…
    I just learned that I don’t need to drive to LA this evening, and I can start right now!

    First the patio, with a short rearrangement, then the guest room where holiday presents are scattered, then the office where there has been a paper explosion (I wonder when that happened???? )

    And then everything will be beautiful and flowing smoothly for my birthday next week… when I will again be Plenty-Seven!

    Thank you Cat for the inspirational push!

    • Candida – love your “paper explosion” description – you could say I resemble that in my office right now but won’t by the end of the day!

  7. Trimming trees outside reminds me that every thing needs a little trimming for spawn new growth. In a few years, the leaves will become black gold compost for the gardens.

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