Valentine’s Full Moon!

Heart MoonBeginning a year, yes this year, for the first time as a “single” in more than 25 years, let’s just say I am very interested in how this Valentine’s Day will feel … especially since Valentine’s Day just happens to fall on the Full Moon in Leo!

Valentine’s Day and Full Moon in Leo carry many of the same words. On the up side: fun, play, creativity, love, seduction, feelings, sensuality, and togetherness. On the downer side: expectations, instant gratification, driven by unconscious emotion, over-indulgence, and drama.

We get to add to this concoction of emotion Mercury Retrograde … !  The good news here is what the good news always is. You get to choose your experience (albeit sometimes with painstaking minute-by-minute consciousness).

Which means this Full Moon in Leo / Valentine’s Day opportunity is … YOU!

Of course, express your love freely and tell the people you love that you love them! Send cards, flowers, emails and whatever way you like to honor your loved ones. 

And … don’t expect a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g! Mercury retrograde may delay the mailing of cards, it may mess up long-planned reservations, and this particular Mercury Retrograde asks you to examine what YOU KNOW rather than what YOU FEEL.

So I’ve created two step-by-step rituals for you – one to do now, the other to do on Friday, February 14. (And yes, I created the NOW ritual by actually doing it to dispel my expectations and habits.)

NOW Ritual

1.  Sit quietly and breathe deeply. Feel the air entering your body as you inhale, hold it for a moment, then experience the release of your exhale.

2.  Grab your journal and answer the following questions:

  • What are my typical expectations for Valentine’s Day?
  • What are my expectations this year?
  • What do I choose to experience, no matter my relationship status?
  • What do I choose to do with my expectations?

3.  Next, answer these questions:

  • What do I know about what I choose to experience?
  • What do I know is likely to rear up, moving me away from my chosen experience?
  • What will support me to have my chosen experience?
  • Who can be my ally(ies)?

4.  Go public! Tell your allies what you choose to experience, what support they can offer to you, and what expectations you are ditching this year.

February 14, 2014 Valentine’s Full Moon Ritual

Items to have at the ready for this Ceremony: Three candles – one white, one pink and one red; your list of chosen experiences, your journal.

1.  Place your three candles – one pink, one red, one white – on a table (altar) in front of you..  Light the White one to begin your ritual, and leave the other two unlit.

2.  Take three slow, deep breaths to center yourself. (More if need be!)  Looking at the flame of the candle, invoke any and all of your unconditionally loving, magical, mystical, Spirit guides and goddesses.

3.  Next, light the pink candle and express gratitude out loud for the ways love, creativity and playfulness show up in your life (and possibly even your awareness of their absence so that you can reclaim them).

4.  Read aloud your list of Chosen Experiences for Valentine’s Day / Full Moon in Leo. Notice what comes up for you as you read the list – and make sure your choices aren’t entering the land of “expectation” or should.

5. Light the red candle. Looking ahead to the next 28 days, and to crafting your experiences: choose three activities to commit to that will elicit your playfulness, creativity and self-love.

6.  Give gratitude to your unconditionally loving, magical, mystical Spirit guides. 

7.  Sit and breathe deeply for a few minutes, inhaling LOVE, exhaling that which is expectation, etc.

8.  Self Blessing (place one hand on the chakra indicated then speak the affirmation out loud.

  • Crown Chakra – I choose conscious contact with Love-filled Beings.
  • Third Eye Chakra – I choose to actively look for, seek and witness love.
  • Throat Chakra – I choose to consciously speak from love.
  • Heart Chakra – I choose to consciously RECEIVE love and OFFER love.
  • Solar Plexus Chakra – I choose to act from love with loving intentions.
  • Belly Chakra – I choose to create my life from love.
  • Vagina – I choose to enjoy and be in the conscious flow of love.
  • Feet – I choose to walk toward love and away from that which is not love.
  • Hands – I choose to align my work and all that I do with love.
  • Crown Chakra – I choose conscious contact with Love-filled Beings.

9.  Spread the Love! Think of someone you know who may be a little down or in a funk – send them a wave of love energetically, and then contact them on the earthly plane to tell them you love them.

* Snuff out your candles or let them burn down in very fire-safe candle holders.

Please share what expectation you step away from, what you choose to experience, etc. Let love flow, baby!

Love & Light,



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