Truth AND Dare

laughingsmlIt seems almost every conversation I have these days, starts with, “What the heck is (fill in the blank here with your own head scratcher of a question),” and winds up in giggles and belly laughs. 

I’ve received half a dozen links to articles or videos talking about the health benefits of laughing, and read articles about the same in as many health journals and magazines in the past month alone!

This is very good news.  Especially in this era of – well, you can fill in the blank, here, too.

What Is YOUR Era? 

I seem to be in an era of blowing the doors off what I thought were my limitations.  “This is thered door year of EXPANSION,” I said at the beginning of the year so I have hurled myself into discomfort after discomfort and taken myself beyond my edge each month. 

This week I shot and edited my second video in a month … this after being completely vexed by all things behind the camera for the last two years. 

“I was an actress, not a camera person,” I’d whine to anyone with an empty glass. 

“I don’t do tech, I do people,” I’d explain plaintively.  Thank goodness I finally stopped fooling even myself.

Rubber Bands Have A Limit

It turns out, all this stretching into my places of discomfort and unfamiliar has put me into a Sacroiliac Belt to stabilize … get ready for it … an over-stretched ligament in my pelvis.

After I laughed my you-know-what-off, I did what I do with any client facing a body challenge and got curious.  

Use this process to walk yourself through an “over-doing it” consequence that is showing up in your physical body as a result of whatever era you are in.   

1.  Identify the Obvious

Look at the nature of and location of your physical complaint.  Try out these places to look first.

  • Low-grade constant pain?  What is going on in your life that is causing a low-level but consistent emotional or mental strain?
  • Specific ache?  Let’s say you might be like me and have had more than your fair share of headaches … what thoughts are painful?
  • Bruise?  What part of your ego is feeling roughed up or discounted?
  • Broken bone?  What is breaking free or longing to break free within you?
  • Fatigue?  What are you just damn tired of in your life?
  • Ligament over-stretched?  Where are you over-stretched or over-committed?

2.  Peel the Onion

What is really going on?  (Go with your first instinctual answer…they tend to be really accurate.)  If you are anything like my clients, most of the time you are moving so quickly and doing so much, you miss the first little signs of imbalance.  Or dip into “magical thinking” by telling yourself you will feel better tomorrow … without changing one darn thing!  When you get to what is really going on, ask the part of your body that is hurting what it really needs.

3.  Ask for Help

Whether you grab a girlfriend and have a life gab-fest, or call your Coach or look up your symptom on WebMD to make sure you aren’t dying – ask for help.  We Modern Goddesses are just so darn … capable … that we just keep going. 

When you work through these steps, your passion, purpose and magic meet.

Big A-Ha Beyond The Obvious

I got right with me when I coached myself through steps 2 and 3 around my over-stretched ligament.  I had “supposed to dreams” of a giant program launch like I’ve witnessed so many of my colleagues pull off.  I’ve made myself “wrong” for not having done one already.  I’ve “blamed” it on tech-phobia and other B.S.

Truth?  I love one-on-one and small group deep dive coaching work that feels sacred.  My clients love the transformations they experience from these intimate conversations.  I like the pace of intimacy and trust the cycles and rhythms of these conversations.  While transformation happens in the blink of an eye, consistent connection and action over time create lasting change.

No Surprise

It is no surprise that the program I attempted to launch last month … failed.  In all my “supposed to dreams” I over-stretched into creating something that was 85% me, and 15% off the mark.  What was off the mark?  I tried to follow a marketing guru’s advice and squeeze my brilliant work with women’s bodies into the business “niche”.

Truth and Dare

Truth: getting into a respectful relationship with your body will enhance everything else in your life, including your business. 

Truth:  I’ve been to hell and back with my body and I know for sure the only thing that got me through those hellish trips was being in a partnership with my body that offered access to untold wisdom and strength.

Dare: Do what I really love to do!  I accepted my dare and am offering an intimate Group Coaching program: Love Your Body Healthy – Lose Weight & End Your Body Battles Forever.

What is YOUR Truth AND Dare?

This program is where my passion, purpose and magic meet. 

I’ll send an email on Monday, August 12, 2013 giving you access to register for a free Body Love Strategy Session – no strings attached.  I want you to vet me to ensure this is the right coaching program for you!

I feel my ligament healing as I type, which makes me laugh my you-know-what off again!

Love & Light,



  1. Wow! Excellent words of discovery on your part and so valuable for me to remember for my part! I still often turn to the coaching and support you gave to me and the women in your pilot Love Your Bodies group last November. When I need a dose of self-love and acknowledgement of self-worth… I remember your gentle coaching!
    Thanks, my friend!

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