Trick or Treat?

PumpkinIt’s noisy out there in the world and it is noisy inside my head and heart these days.  How about you?

October 31st is a sacred day to honor the dead whom we’ve loved, and honor the close of the growing season in the northern hemisphere.  And dress up as our alter ego!

It is easy to feel a little like a just harvested field at this time of year – dangling roots of prior achievements mix with the not quite taken roots of incomplete projects.  Some of my clients panic a little as the holidays and end of the year loom.  It’s like every un-done project and goal for the year grabs at them like a noisy zombie intent on carrying them off track.  

Add to the mix Uranus, Neptune and Mercury all retrograde, and the inner and outer noise level amplifies.

(My Ritual Outline is below the Astro-Update!)

Uranus retrograde is like a great stage manager, prompting us to get out there and have a good show even though we haven’t been to a rehearsal yet.  We really want to feel like we know our lines, motivations and outcomes when Uranus comes a calling.  “It doesn’t work that way,” I reminded myself this morning when I really wanted someone else to do my inner work of detachment for me.  Uranus retrograde is more like Improv, not rehearsed productions!  It’s okay to feel awkward and messy with those sudden changes.

Neptune retrograde is like your favorite wacky aunt who LOVES that you are the weird one in the family and encourages your eccentricity.  Neptune retrograde is also permission to take off the masks of illusion; especially the illusions that make you think you haven’t been doing your work of change and growth; or the illusion that you aren’t somehow doing it “right” or “good enough.  You have grown.  You have changed.  You are on your path.  Take good care of your body right now.  Neptune loves to over-indulge in whatever your go-to salve is.  Me?  I can’t get enough chips and guac!

Mercury retrograde is like that friend who sees opportunities for practical jokes in every situation.  No malice is intended, though feeling foolish is never fun.  Sometimes it is good to make sure the chair is still there before you sit down – as in double and triple check your math, your communications, or your airplane departure time!  And like your practical joking friend, Mercury retrograde reveals your growth in things like patience, slowing down to go faster and my favorite, not taking myself too seriously!  Last week I mentioned you could expect some old relationship folks to show up in some way.  I’ve heard from many of you that is the case. 

So, how to celebrate Halloween, All Hallow’s Eve, Hallowmas, Samhain, Dia de los muertos?  I’m going really literal this year with “Trick or Treat!”

1.  Make a list of all the “tricks” in your life – like where you’ve tricked yourself into believing something that is not true (gremlin lies make up a good deal of this list – all the not good enough, somehow not quite-right B.S.).  I’m also examining my attachments and where I’ve tricked myself into thinking I’m not attached yet am.  Ugh 

2.  Next make a list of all the “treats” in your life – like gratitude for: all the love in your life from all directions, abundance, opportunity, (living on the beach is my starting point!).  I’m also aware how I honor my health, my body, my Spirit and mind these days is a treat.  Another treat is seeing how far I’ve come in all those areas.  Where have you come a long way?

3.  After the trick-or-treating candy collection is over and the night air is quiet, I will sit on my balcony under the waning crescent moon (a perfect time to release).  I will invite my female ancestors to join me in listening to the waves.  I will name the ones I can (I have a list that goes back at least 10 generations on my mother’s side).  I will then remember and name my loved ones who no longer walk the earth.  I will light a black candle for them and connect to them, honoring their influence in my life and ask them to share a morsel or two of wisdom with me.

4.  Then, I will read my list of “Tricks” and notice where I might still be attached to something.  I will express gratitude for whatever it is, then ask the attachment to release from me and me from it.  I will ask the ancestors and my loved ones to support the release.  I will ask them for guidance and wisdom.

5.  Next, I will light a white candle and read my list of Treats, adding to it as I go.  (Gratitude is like that – it naturally grows!)  I will ask my ancestors and loved ones to witness my gratitude and treats.  I will ask them to whisper wisdom they may have about my treats. 

6.  I will close my ritual by holding a question in my mind and drawing a card, rune, and stone from every one of my divination tools!  (That means several Tarot decks, Animal Cards, Goddess Cards, Soul Cards and several sets of Runes!) 

May your October 31st – November 1st be full of many, many treats and the release of those darn tricks.

Love & Light,



  1. Nice post Cat, I’m tricking and treating with my Tantrika teacher tonight, so life is good. Saw Deva Premal on Tuesday in Oakland and that was blissful too, after a week on the beaches in Puerto Vallarta – so don’t cry for me Argentina!
    Can you believe it’s Nov 1 tomorrow??? Tempus Fugit is all I can say. Have a great Holiday and end of year!

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