SuperMoon, Super YOU & Solstice!

SuperMoon June 2013I admit, I stumbled my way through Freshman Astronomy 101.  When told the moon is 238,900 miles away from earth, I asked “So, how many times would I have to drive from Houston to Austin?”  Of course my question elicited snickers.  However, I was trying to put a context around that great distance so I could understand viscerally.  Yep, I’m a kinesthetic learner.  

The almost full moon and Pacific Ocean have dazzled me the last few nights.  The moon’s reflection on the water looks much wider than usual, and the white surf seems to glow and shine from within.  And talk about LOUD surf!

What’s Going On?

This weekend, June 21-23, we will experience a Super Supermoon!  The full moon will be five kilometers closer to earth.  Now, that may not sound like a big deal.  Heck, I’ve even run a 5K!  But it is a big deal – for one thing, high tides will be higher and low tides lower.    

The June 20th Summer Solstice marks the longest day of the year.  Summer season is a time ofSun intentionally going out of balance utilizing the abundance of light.  The combination of a Supermoon and Summer Solstice is a magic all its own – both light sources fuel, invigorate and energize…        

What Can You Expect?

Emotions will feel bigger and a deeper than usual desire for emotional closeness may make you feel overly needy.  You aren’t.  I’ve long believed full moons bring out our truth, even if a little dramatic!  Ask yourself what you are really longing for rather than get caught up in chasing after the emotional scratch to that itch. 

You may feel over-stimulated by all the solar energy and doing, doing, doing.  I’ve been riding the do-do-do train for the past month.  When I get my right amount of sleep at night, I hop on that train with excitement!  (Can I just say how much I love my nifty essential oil diffuser lacing my bedroom with the scent of lavender at bedtime?)

The Opportunity    

The balance of Supermoon close-proximity emotional stuff and the positive energy of Summer Solstice invite us to get clear.  This weekend is a great opportunity to ensure your plans, actions, and intentions are aligned with current desires and emotional truth.  There is nothing worse than spending a ton of your energy on outdated goals…or being caught in a feeling “loop” re-experiencing non-current emotional truths. 

Working Your Magic!

  1. Stand in front of your 2013 Vision Board.  What words and/or pictures still excite you?  Which ones feel “done” or accomplished?  Summer Solstice is a great re-vamp time!  Find new pictures and words to add to your Vision Board.  Infuse it with current intention!  (I use a bulletin board and regularly re-arrange!  In purging a jewelry drawer recently I found one of my grandmother’s pins – a gold heart.  I pinned it to my board!)
  2. Read your 2013 goals.  What has been accomplished so far?  What is in progress?  What has fallen off your radar?  What do you want to take off the list because something far juicier has your attention?  What “by when” needs negotiating? If you are anything like me you can get a little attached to a goal even if it may no longer serve you … ditch any goal that doesn’t feel exciting, worthy or scary in that good way! 
  3. Think about what you said you wanted to experience this year.  Me?  I said 2013 is the Year of Expansion, and in particular the Expansion of Love through my work.  The opportunity I see for myself today is to remember I get to experience the love, too, which requires me to develop my receiving muscle a little more.  Anyone want to join me in the gym of receiving love?!?

As I said earlier, I’m a kinesthetic learner.  I wonder what I will learn as I sit under the Supermoon this weekend!  

I’d love to hear about your Supermoon and Solstice experiences – please comment below!

Love & Light,


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