Spring Equinox – Balance in Motion!

balanced stonesWednesday, March 20, 2013 is the Spring Equinox – a day to celebrate balance, equality and symmetry. 

We take note that there are equal parts day and night.  We celebrate a balance of feminine and masculine energies within us, inviting wholeness in balance.   

This year’s theme:  the balance, equality and symmetry of loving yourself in equality to the love you bestow on others. 

I invite you to ponder what it is to balance your inner scale of giving to yourself, with giving to others.  And I invite you to ponder and celebrate the symmetry of nature that is at once fresh, fertile and green in the Northern hemisphere and dry, brown, and decaying in the Southern hemisphere. 

How to celebrate the Spring Equinox this year? 

  1. Make a list of ten things to love about you.
  2. SHARE your list with a beloved friend who can remind you about it later!
  3. Plant some herbs this week for your kitchen or buy a potted plant of your favorite and tend to them this spring.  Connect yourself to the essence of them.  Sniff them.  Cook with them.  (Hint:  don’t strip one branch of all its leaves.  Take one or two from each stalk when you harvest them!)
  4. Listen to the Spring Equinox recorded Self Blessing below, and as we say in Texas, “Bless your heart!”

Spring Equinox 2013 Self Blessing

Please share below what you discovered or experienced when you did the Self Blessing!

Love & Light,


P.S.  Mark your calendar for the Full Moon Ceremony by Phone – Tuesday, March 26 – 7:00 p.m. pacific.

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