Simple Steps to Transform Emotions

What treasure will you unlock?

What treasure will you unlock?

This Month’s Full Moon’s Eclipse in Scorpio (Thursday, April 25, 12:57 p.m. pacific) has the potential to unlock, release and transform unacknowledged emotions, particularly about your body.  Phew!  I feel lighter already! 

Sun in Taurus and the nature of spring pull us to look outside for the tangible answers in life.  Sun in Taurus urges clarity.  Sun in Taurus calls BS on BS.  Sun in Taurus also craves beauty and can open our sensual channels.  

Moon in Scorpio pulls us to look inward, inviting us to do a bit of inner spring-cleaning, or what I call transformation.  Each full moon brings to light our emotions – in this case, the lingering, stuffed, ignored, fear-inducing emotions about your body.  I’m exhuming my great sadness at not being able to run without great neck pain.   Acknowledging my anger about migraine headaches is also a biggie for me.  And I’m welcoming a surprise – the love I feel for my body’s ability to overcome! 

Eclipses Cast Shadows

Add in a dash of lunar eclipse and you get the sense that something is blocking your view.  No shadow boxing required here.  Identifying the habits that keep you “eclipsing” your emotions is a great place to start.  Couple that with the intention and commitment to transform and you will be soaring with this Full Moon energy!   

How To Spring-Clean Emotions For Inner Transformation

In order to clean out anything, we need to see what is actually there.  Imagine you have an emotional coat closet – and just like an actual coat closet, you have to see what is in there in order to clean it out!  Grab your journal, get centered with some deep breaths, a cup of your favorite calming tea, and soothing music.     

  1. Make a list of five ways you protect yourself from feeling your emotions about your body.  (Me?  I love a good salty-crunchy snack fix and a whole lotta busy-bee-ness!)
  2. Now write your first responses – and remember – no making anything wrong – especially yourself – to this question:  What emotions have I been too tired of or too afraid to feel about my body?
  3. After you have your list of emotions, acknowledge them one by one.  “I, (your name), have (emotion).  I am willing to look at you, feel you and explore you.”  (Yes, it really is okay for you to have these emotions.  Which is not the same as saying you have to keep them on speed dial!)
  4. Next, ask each emotion what it wants from you, and for you.  Write each one’s answer in your journal. 
  5. Answer these questions next:  What am I willing to do in the next 28 days that honors my emotion’s wants from and for me?  What will the impact be on my body?
  6. Final step:  Envision what kind of relationship you would like to have with your emotions and be sure to let them know what you decide!

Transformation Secrets

Transformation is not hard.  It is not awful.  It does not have to be painful.  Not transforming…now that is hard, awful and painful!  Transformation does have a few requirements, though: like willingness to release and grow, commitment to the process, gentleness with yourself and heaps of compassion.

Please let me know below what you experienced in this emotional transformation Full Moon plan of action! 

With heaping spoonfuls of compassion,





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