Mercury Retrograde Relief!

hiding kittyI don’t remember ever having so many Mercury Retrograde conversations … ever … and that’s saying something, y’all!  The other day, after about the ninety-ninth thing went sideways on me, instead of crawling under my bed and hiding like a good kitty, I sat myself down and began to breathe.

The following meditation emerged from within and I felt so much peace, strength and grace afterwards, I knew I had to record it and share it with you.

It is a quickie – less than ten minutes so there is no excuse for walking around grumpy all day after a communication blunder or tech malfunction!

I’d love to hear what shifted for you as a result of getting some Mercury Retrograde Relief with this meditation, so please post your experiences below!

Love & Light,


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  1. Hi Cat-

    Whenever things feel inexplicably hard, and I start hearing the same from my friends, I think, “Cat will know…” Your meditation came at the perfect time. I have been feeling adrift, unproductive. And even as I tell myself, “It’s summer, relax, do the fun stuff,” even the fun stuff falls flat. No wonder. I needed air! In hot and stuffy NYC for the summer, I have been craving the mountains. Now that I did your meditation, I have the mountains. I feel so much easier, less guilty. Now I can go with the Mercury air and know that I am floating and flowing, not aimless and adrift. Thank you! XO, Claire

    • Hi Claire! So great to hear your experience and I’m so glad the meditation came at the perfect time! Share it with all your friends! I’m envisioning great numbers of Modern Goddesses walking around feeling full of air and light AND while being grounded! xoxo

  2. I’m so not on the same timing as the universe! I’m reading this and feeling nervous that maybe it’s all about to happen, as things are not going sideways right now. Should I be scared or is it fairly normal for folks to not match the vibe at the same time? It kind of feels like my Mercury-Retrograde was a few months ago. 🙂

    • Oh, yay! Where Mercury is transiting our chart makes a big difference … as you say, perhaps your “retro” re-do period was a few months ago! xx

  3. Hi Cat, This is very soothing, thank you. It’s good to be reminded of the positive aspects of Mercury retrograde…what it may be asking of us, what its element is and how we can find comfort within that…
    I enjoyed this “break” because, you are so right, Mercury retrograde has been challenging!

    • Thank you, Barbara! Glad to hear the meditation “break” was comforting. Like shampoo directions – rinse and repeat as necessary! 🙂

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