July’s Full Moon Feistiness!

July 2013 Superish MoonI love a good whirl through Full Moon in Aquarius.  As antsy as I feel in the lead-up, the pay-off is significant when I work WITH the energy rather than fight, ignore or forget to channel this potent flow of energy.

The Opportunity of Full Moon in Aquarius is to make a significant and bold shift toward more personal freedom and expression of your individuality … the missed opportunity can leave you feeling frustrated and misunderstood like James Dean’s Rebel Without a Cause IF you don’t take charge and choose what you want to change.

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Modern Goddess Full Moon Thrive Guide, July 2013! 

The moon rules emotions and if we were going to Vegas for a little gambling, I’d take the bet that there is an emotion or emotional hangover from a very important event in your life that constrains your bodacious freedom just a little.  Most of us have several – just pick one to work with right now.

For instance – I have carried the feeling / emotion of “failure” with me despite KNOWING that the event it is tied to was indeed not a failure, least of all my failure. 

When I was twenty-five, I donated my right kidney to my father on Memorial Day Friday.  Yea transplant team!  Everything worked wonderfully! 

You Can’t Make Up This Stuff

Three weeks later, my father had a ruptured appendix, then a stroke the day after the appendicitis surgery …on Father’s Day.  The next five months were a living hell of hospital ICU’s until my father died very early the morning after Thanksgiving.

While the transplant had been deemed a success, I decided I had failed at doing the thing I set out to do…save my father’s life.  Therefore, I must be a failure.

What I have really carried around all these years is a failure of logic based on my very understandable inability to comprehend the enormity of all those emotions.  But that’s not what it has felt like.  As a coach, I KNOW how easy it is to collapse failing to reach a goal into the broad category of “failure” … and still I have carried this heavy bag of failure despite all of my successes.  

Grandmother Moon’s Embrace

While driving northwest on the 101 freeway last night with Grandmother moon sitting atop my left shoulder, twenty-four years of carrying around “Failure” loosened and I felt like I had been freed from shackles that my mind kept telling me weren’t there because they didn’t make sense.

The results of BIG emotions are like that, aren’t they?  They don’t always make sense, yet they can rule our lives. 

Somewhere between the Malibu Canyon Road and Kanan Road exits, I feel like the gorgeous Santa Monica Mountains reached out and brushed my pain and torment loose.  They simply said, “We will hold this for you.”  I was left with a sense of release, newfound freedom and Grandmother Moon’s embrace.    

What’s Your Story?

So, darling Modern Goddess, it is my fervent hope that you do not have such a dramatic example of needing to break free from an old, worn-out, stayed-past-its-welcome emotion that turned into an undercurrent belief.  And, I know you might which is why I am willing to share what I shared. 

What big incident in your life has left you with a big emotion that squishes your big freedom?

The Way Forward

Walk yourself through the questions below with your trusty journal.  (Know that I am well versed in liberating the ickiest of the icks if you would like some personal support in sorting through it all.)

1.  What is the emotion or repetitive feeling you are READY to break free from?  (Pick the really big one – the one that is holding you back from your juicy “next” in life.)

2.  Where does it live in your body?

3.  What are you willing to / want to feel and believe about yourself instead?  

4.  Really imagine this new state of being.  What does it feel like here?

By the Light of the Silvery Moon

Sit under Grandmother Moon in her fullness tonight or tomorrow.  Talk with her.  Cry.  Tell her what emotion’s shackles you are choosing to break out of.  Share with her what you choose to feel and believe about yourself instead.  Allow yourself to feel this new state of being.  Ask her to embrace you in this new state.  Sit in her loving light embrace, letting it wrap around you, filling you with her luminosity and brightness.  Receive her love.

Boldness in Release

Please share below what you choose to release AND what you choose to feel and believe instead.  I think the more we reveal the stuff we hide and bury within us, the freer we all are to be our fantastic, healthy, free, highly individual goddess-selves.

Love & Light,


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