How To Really Celebrate Being A Woman

Celebrating Women Do you really celebrate being a woman?  By its very nature, celebration suggests an out-loud, public proclamation.  Case in point – March 8th is International Women’s Day. 

Today, corporations with no, or one or two women on their Boards of Directors, and governments run by non-representative government (as in, not representing the make-up of the population) will donate money, make pledges and promise a few incremental changes.

(Don’t worry I haven’t become a droopy pessimist over-night!  We optimists see the world as it is and then just choose to believe it will be better soon!)

Some of you know I used to be very involved in women’s legislative advocacy.  I was young, energetic and a pie-eyed true believer.  Walking the hallowed halls in Sacramento, my inner optimist discovered external world changes are an inside job.  Meaning, I had to step up and honor myself in the ways I was advocating that all women be honored. 

Be Your Own Advocate 

Did you recoil a little when you read that headline?  It is typically easier for women to advocate for others.  You do it every day, don’t you?   Your S.O, your children, your aging parents, your friends, your co-workers and even recipients of your volunteer time all receive your advocacy. 

Truth?  I have been learning about self-advocacy and celebration for almost twenty years and I can still struggle with it some days.  That is why one of my missions with The Modern Goddess is to unleash the experience of self-love for women.  Give voice to your inner advocate by pondering (and journaling about) these questions. 

  • What is it to really believe in you? 
  • What becomes possible when you champion yourself? 
  • What would it be like to experience your own support? 
  • Who will you become with consistent self-love? 

Make every day your own International Women’s Day! 

A former client and full-moon ceremony celebrator thanked me recently for granting her permission to be who she wanted to be and do what she knew was right for her.  She now grants herself and other women permission to be and do what they know is right for them.

And that, my loves, is how you can celebrate being a woman every day.  Give yourself permission to believe in you as you believe in others.  Give yourself permission to champion yourself as you champion others.  Give yourself permission to experience the kind of support you offer others by offering it to yourself.  And please, give yourself permission to experience the quality of love you shower on others. 

Celebration in Action 

I use a journal to answer the big questions (like the ones above) and collect celebration.  Thinking about celebration and self-advocacy is good. Bringing them into meditation is better.  Writing them in a journal is best.  Why?  There is something about the thought or feeling traveling down your arm and exiting your body through your pen that untangles the brain.  Just like space clears in your head when you make a written list of your daily to do’s.  So grab a journal and answer the following questions.

  1. What great thing about you did you take for granted today?
  2. When did you exude courage today?
  3. What inside of you is longing to be championed right now?
  4. What permission do you seek from others that you can grant yourself? 

Celebration Commitment

Answer these questions daily (really, it only takes about ten minutes) for twenty-eight days.  At the end of those twenty-eight days, schedule half an hour to review your answers.  At the appointed time, pour a cup of your favorite warm beverage and start reading.  Then, rinse and repeat for another twenty-eight days!   And please, let me know below if you are going to play.  I began this morning! 

I celebrate you, dear Modern Goddess, today and every day.  You demonstrate courage every day.  You go the extra mile.  You make a difference in this world.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for being who you are. 

Love & Light,


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