How Do You Spell Mercury Retrograde Relief?


January sunset in SoCal.

January sunset in SoCal.

How do you spell Mercury Retrograde Relief this time around?

Patience. Patience. And more Patience. Especially with yourself. Especially with loved ones. Especially with strangers. Especially with your computer and phone! Yep – with everyone and everything you can think of to offer your patience! This post’s photo is my offering – when you start to feel impatient because technology or delays feel gigantic – just envision this idyllic sunset and float like that seagull!

There is a HUGE gift in this Mercury Retrograde in the sign of Aquarius. That thing that you’ve been stuck on, shaking your fist at, flummoxed by? You’ll be able to break out of its boxed in thinking because your creative mind, spontaneity, and intuition come out to play during this Mercury Retrograde! 

So go ahead – paint the walls, re-arrange the furniture and break out of your ruts! This is a time of great permission to DO different things, and do things differently. And yes, this is of course playing out on our world’s stage. 

This tip will help you and do you good besides!  Please make time to go outside and enjoy mother nature every day – no matter where you live! Even if it’s colder than cold where you are, bundle up and enjoy watching the steam of your breath and feel the coolness of the air entering your body. Catch a sunrise or sunset. Look up at the stars. These daily connections will help you feel grounded … and fuel your creative mind even more.

All the usual advice is good to follow – if you must sign contracts be sure every “i” is dotted and every “t” crossed. Give yourself plenty of time to get to appointments on time. Don’t tailgate on the freeways. Back-up your computer now. Yes, now. And finally – don’t take the bait anyone consciously or unconsciously offers. Swim right by it and head out to the open waters to find your dolphin pod.

Oh, one more goody to share with you about this Mercury Retrograde! Don’t take things personally. Let me repeat that: Don’t take things personally! If someone unloads on you, imagine that person as a tiny tot not able to communicate very well yet.   😆

Please leave a comment and share your favorite Mercury Retrograde tip!

Love & Light,



  1. Great tips, Cat. They help me to actually look forward to this retrograde, rather than cringe like I usually do.

    • Jeff – so glad to hear you are looking forward to this retrograde – that was my intention in this post. May we all keep looking forward to the creativity and spontaneity!

  2. Even your email had trouble getting into my in-box Cat! I laughed… Thank you for your post.

    • Helen – your comment has me laughing because of all the shenanigans and tech hoops I jumped through to get this blog posted! 😉

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