Grand Water Trine – July 29, 2013

Grand Trine Serenity Often we feel at the “mercy” of planetary activity.  “Nonsense,” is my response to that!  Yes, of course we will feel the influence of celestial movement.  And you, go-getter Modern Goddess that you are, know that when you have background about such things and make choices, take action, and show up – transformation occurs.

My three favorite things in the world are all in focus with this Grand Water Trine:  Love, Forgiveness and Transformation.  Each aspect requires the others to reach the much-lauded potential for magic, alchemy and shifts in consciousness.  This trine will be around for a while, so work your way through the exercises below in your own time. 

The Background

This water sign trine gives us a sense of ease and flow, like we are riding with the waves rather than being pulled out to sea on an undertow.  Yea for support! You may even feel like doors are opening and opportunity is calling.  My advice: Be sure to shut the doors of the “rooms” you exit.  

Neptune in Pisces grants access to intuition and divine guidance.   

The gift of Neptune (retrograde) in its natal house of Pisces means you have help with releasing a lingering illusion about yourself, a relationship or of life that is not helpful.  When the illusion is brought to consciousness and action taken, a sense of freedom and divine timing is the result.  You will then begin to experience a sense of flow.

The 3-step formula for this aspect:

  1. Identify the illusion to release. 
  2. Forgive yourself for carrying the illusion, believing a non-truth, and any pain you experienced or caused due to the illusion.
  3. Transform by closing the door on that illusion. 

Result?  You will experience more self-love and be able to see the new opportunities coming into your life. 

Saturn in Scorpio heightens consciousness, offering choice.

Saturn in Scorpio invites us to transform our relationship with have-to’s, structure and patriarchal order.  The illusion to confront is that you must fight, crash and burn or suffer in order to transform.  The gift of consciousness is choosing how you want to experience your transformations.

The 3-step formula for this aspect:

  1. Identify the structure, order or have-to that you resist or crash and burn in.
  2. LOVE yourself in the spent, crashed, burned state.  Love your feistiness.  Love your resilience.
  3. Transform by loving all the bits of yourself – especially your body. 

Result?  You will feel a sense of going with your wisdom and experience self-trust.

Jupiter in Cancer evokes power through love and nurturing.

Jupiter in Cancer invites us to develop and nurture a new relationship with power and boldness.  The opportunity?  Ditch your assumptions about worldly success – like sacrificing passion, being loved, or ultra discipline.  Embrace the intentions to expand love, nourish community and strengthen bonds. 

The 3-step formula for this aspect:

  1. Identify your top beliefs about power, boldness and success.
  2. Choose to keep the ones that support you, release the others*.  (*See illusion releasing tips above!)
  3. Grant Permission to love, nurture and connect your way to worldly success.

Result?  You will express your most authentic self in all areas of your life.

Word to the Wise 

Remember, you aren’t the only one experiencing the Grand Water Trine!  Grant others as much room to flop and flip-flop as you would like them to grant you!  As for our world at large – expect some major flipping and flopping! 

Take time to meditate, reflect, ponder, journal, walk, etc.  The more deeply you connect to you, the more you will enjoy riding the waves of change.

Love & Light,



  1. Hi Cat,
    This information so speaks to me as a Pisces so I want to thank you so much for the wonderful wisdom you share – it is the essence of who you are!

    • Sue – so wonderful to hear from you! You being a Pisces makes so much sense considering the deep work you do with people around consciousness. And thank you. 🙂

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