Full Moon Wild Ride!

glowing full moonJanuary’s Full Moon in Leo is going to fire-up our emotional responses to “stuff” – so there, can’t say you weren’t warned!  While deal-breaking stuff is not up for most of us, this full moon we are gifted with the desire and strength to share our hearts, our passions, our longings and, yes, our boundaries! 

Sun opposite in Aquarius tempers some of our fierier communications with a cooling, watery impartiality. The power of this combination reminds us to cast aside our expectations before speaking our hearts, passions and truths.  Just because you feel one way about something doesn’t mean anyone else does … or even should.  Ouch, I know!

Perspective is the Key

If we take a Goddess-Bird’s-Eye view for a moment, we see what is really available to us – like making and strengthening connections by sharing our hearts.  And if we fly a little further up and sit on Grandmother Moon for a while, she reveals we are ALREADY connected to all we want to be connected to…even if a few connections feels distant. 

So how can a modern goddess capitalize on the Full Moon in Leo energy?  First, examine your motivation to speak your truth, your heart, and your passions.  Is it to strengthen connections?  Is it to “pluck” a connection to see how strong it really is?  Is it to discover the exact nature of a connection? 

Now take a moment to consider the people and goals you feel the most connected to.  (Note:  they may not be the ones you see or talk about everyday!)  Then think about the people and goals with frayed connections.  And finally, identify those people or goals you feel disconnected from altogether. 

Do Your Part!

Next, for each of those connections with people, ask:  What piece of my truth, passion or heart can I share to strengthen our connection?  

For your connections to your goals and dreams, ask:  What part of my truth, passion or heart do I need to express to myself about this goal?  

And most importantly, for both, ask:  Who do I want to be as I speak my heart?  (“Who” as in: my confident self, my loving self, my fully-grown-up-goddess-woman self, my wise self!  My saboteur-riddled, “I’m right, dammit!” self are not good options right now!)

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Happy Full Mooning!



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