Full Moon Relief

Full MoonThe June 2nd Full Moon in Sagittarius will feel a bit like a tall glass of something good going down – especially after all the planetary shenanigans of late.

Between all the squares, oppositions, and retrogrades lately, we have collectively been called to RELEASE old patterns, limitations and goals that no longer serve or fit our life. And the harder we cling to the old ways, the more forcefully they are ripped out from underneath. In other words, most of us have slammed into our fair share of brick walls trying to run our usual rackets!

Just in time, along comes the Full Moon in Sagittarius offering the promise of New Beginnings, Love, a little bit of Luck and the blessings of good fortune. (Fist pump, anyone?)

Maximize this Full Moon Energy

1.  Between now and June 1, write a list of THREE things you are put-a-fork-in-it DONE with and choose to release at this time. My DONE with list looks something like: being overly-responsible, not asking for help, and two speeds – 0 and 100 mph.

2.  Next, acknowledge it takes courage and LOVE to be willing to RELEASE a pattern, habit, limitation, or goal that no longer serves. Though painful, it can feel much easier to stay in that old rut. And we both know it isn’t really easier at all. Also, offer some gratitude to what you are releasing – it served a purpose at some point.

3.  Practice EMPATHY – you know that sweet, gentle approach you usually offer to everyone else? Yep, offer it to yourself. Yes, now. To help you get there, imagine your inner little girl in your lap, leaning her little head into your shoulder. Comfort her and tell her she is going to be okay (because she will be) and that you will see to it.

Practical Example:

Here’s what I’m telling mine, “Darling Sunshine, you are free to release all those compelling compulsions to act in an overly-responsible manner. Others can pull their weight and will, especially when you ask them to. Just like you, others like to contribute and add value. And guess what? There are so many out there, just like you, who love to be relied upon and asked for help! Yes! That means you can ask them for help! What’s that? Oh, sure, someone may say “no” and that’s okay! Just ask someone else. And finally, darling one, you don’t have to run so fast that you fall down and skin your knees anymore.”

4. BURN your list of three things you are releasing before June 2.

5. Now for the really fun part! Sit quietly with your journal, and think about LOVE. Say the word aloud. Breathe deeply to the word “love” three times. Now, time to write your list of THREE NEW BEGINNINGS. (Yes, yes, I know – Mercury is Retrograde – for many of us, the NEW BEGINNINGS are things we’ve already started … you might actually be RE-starting them – plus Mercury goes direct on June 11, before the next Full Moon.) Anyway, write these three things out with some detail, using visual and emotional language. Also write what it will feel like to experience these new patterns, goals, and habits. Include WHO you are stepping into being as you step powerfully into these new beginnings.

For the Love of…?

6. Answer this question: How will your three new beginnings promote LOVE and SELF-LOVE in your life? This is a very important question, because not only does the Moon love LOVE; so does Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius.

7.  On the evening of June 2nd, under the light of the Full Moon in Sagittarius, connect to your love within, then speak your first new beginning out loud and take a step forward. Feel it. Own it. Feel what it feels like to step into the future. Repeat the process with the other two new beginnings.

8. Self Blessing: I am Love. I am here to offer Love. I am here to receive Love. I am here to experience being Loved. I am Love.

Happy Full Moon, y’all!

Love & Light,



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