Full Moon And Change In The Air

March 2013

March 2013

If you are wondering, “What in the you-know-what is going on?” you’re not alone!  

Below, I share the Modern Goddess take on the Astrology of it all, along with a few self-coaching tips. 

Right now, I invite you to register for the Full Moon Ceremony by phone next Tuesday, March 26, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. pacific.  (The call is recorded so you can listen to it later if you can’t join in live.  Thank you to all my East Coast and European listeners!)

The Astrology Low-Down

The Spring Equinox / Sun in Aries may make you want to do more than clean out your closet.  Independence and a fiery resistance to what usually makes your life hum along (meditation, walking, yoga, juicing, etc.) can make you feel a bit out of control, either moving too fast or at a dead standstill.  Don’t be surprised if you have urges to run away … far, far away from all that feels constraining in your life.

The Full Moon in Libra (March 26-27) opposite Aries nudges you to strengthen partnerships in business through collaboration.  (Just be sure you aren’t the one doing all the “harmonizing” of situations.)  In personal relationships, your longing to linger over dinner, cuddle, look at a sunset and sip bubbly beverages is sensuous Venus-ruled-Libra winking her magic.    

The sun and moon dance is just a slice of this heavenly showdown pie!  Planets are piling up in Aries like bumper cars and all that stellar dust stirred up around 12/21/12 is finding brand new places to settle.  What you experience is the tension between Pluto’s push to transform being at odds with stable-loving Saturn while Jupiter nudges both to expand! 

Before you run screaming to a deserted island, I’m going to tell you how to make the most of all this opportunity-filled planetary life-fuel!

Working With the Opportunity

  1. The gift in the Spring Equinox is the “equi” part.  The opportunity of Full Moon in Libra is balancing off-balance partnerships.  Sun in Aries gives us permission to take care of the Self. 
  2. Any way you slice it, you get to look at the balance of your life.  So, take a look.  What do you want “balance” to look like today? This week? This month? This year?  That urge to run away may simply be a call to re-create balance. 
  3. Next, get clear on what is asking to be transformed in your life.  A partnership in business?  A personal relationship gap?  What is the common thread?
  4. And finally, what seeds of your love are to be planted, nurtured, tended and honored?  (And which ones are not to be planted right now?) 

If you long to experience the support of a community of soulful, generous, funny and thoughtful women, I invite you register and join the Full Moon Ceremony by phone on Tuesday, March 26, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. pacific. 

What can you expect?  A soothing, grounding meditation and connection to yourself, the earth, Spirit and other women.  You get to express your gratitude out loud and you get to take a powerful stand for what you want to experience in the next month.  (Your out loud participation is welcome and you get to decide what level of contribution feels right for you.)

A first-time participant from last month’s ceremony says:  “Thank you, Cat. I LOVED it!!!!  First of all, you are so good on the phone. Secondly, it felt like a date with myself (which I rarely do). I spend each morning writing in my journal and sometimes the personal-development work I do is, well……work!  Your session was different because I was “led” through the ceremony/ritual. I felt very refreshed afterwards.  I think what you offer is very refreshing, like a massage treatment would be!  I’d love to invite my R+F team to come to your next session.”   Betsy Swartz

I look forward to sitting with you in the Modern Goddess hi-tech-hi-touch Full Moon Ceremony by phone, Tuesday, March 26, 2013, 7:00 p.m. pacific.  Register here now!

Love & Light,


P.S.  Even if you can’t join in the fun, be sure to go outside under the full moon and state three things that you are grateful for, and three intentions you are holding for the next thirty days.  And be sure to tell Grandmother Moon how beautiful she is!  I promise, she will acknowledge you right back!   



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