Double Your Pleasure!

Double Moon!

A trick of photography makes the December 2014 Lunar Eclipse look like a double moon!

Do you remember the old Wrigley’s Double Mint gum commercials, showing twins enjoying all sorts of fun activities while chewing Double Mint gum, with the tag line of “Double your pleasure, double your fun…”?

Well, this weekend offers double opportunity to express gratitude and examine your life through the lens of the Full Moon and Lammas, the halfway mark between Summer and Fall. So, I’m calling it a weekend of Double-Ups! (Check out my new Self Blessing at the end of the post!)

Double-up #1: Blue Moon

There are two full moons in July, this week’s full moon at 3:00 a.m. pacific on Friday morning, July 31.   

Double-up #2: Two Blue Moon Definitions

There are two definitions of Blue Moon, and according to the first recorded definition of Blue Moon, the one on July 31 is not a Blue Moon. However, according to the second and more recent, then recanted definition, it is! Here we have a double-up of definition! (click here for full explanation!)

Double-up #3: Earth Cycle & Moon Cycle

The full moon on July 31 is the day before the ancient-ish Harvest celebration of Lammas / Lughnasa. Double-up Rituals!

Double-up #4: Air and Water

Blue Moon or not, the Full Moon during July 31’s wee hours is in the sign of Aquarius, known as “the water bearer” even though Aquarius is an Air element sign… ya with me on this double-up?!?

Here-here to all these Double-Ups! Why do I love them so much? They represent what we are experiencing and living right now – intricate complexity in all our worldly systems, while what most of us crave is simplicity.

So, here’s my keep-it-simple guide during all these double-ups!

Full Moon in Aquarius

Roll out the welcome mat to feeling spunky, independent, freedom-loving, and full of the creative tension of August 2013 Blue Moonradical breakthrough. What this means for you personally is:

  1. The answer to a challenge may appear suddenly and it will feel as if there was never another way to move forward.
  2. 2 You may experience a burning urge to be released from the hold of old beliefs that have proven to be fruitless.
  3. 3 Don’t be surprised if you find yourself in brainstorming conversations that produce manic searches of the USTP website and snatching up of domain names!
  4. There will be dual urges to honor self-love / your good and higher love / greater good. Here’s a double up that is a win-win!

Lammas / Lughnasa Harvest Celebration  wheat

This is a great opportunity to take stock of your  “harvests” for the year. Begin with these questions and guidelines.

  1. What intentions and goals have come to fruition? Time to Celebrate your accomplishments: both the being and moving forward goals! Make a list of gratitude around these achievements – acknowledging whom you had to be to do what you did!
  2. Which goals from the beginning of the year have morphed into something else or have become obsolete and insignificant?
  3. Lammas is a great opportunity to identify which goals are still meaningful and worthy of your time and precious energy! Once clear on the meaningful goals for the remainder of the year, give them new “by when” dates. (High five if you share that date with someone else!)
  4. Now, prune out the over-growth of un-inspiring goals that have become shame-inducing, burdensome to-do’s you know aren’t going to get done. Go ahead – do it – cross them off your list now! (Or give the idea to somebody else! Just because you had a great idea doesn’t mean you have to make it happen!)

Sharing Bread

Part of the ancient Lammas ritual is baking bread from the first wheat harvests and sharing it with neighbors and in community gatherings. As a strictly gluten-free gal, I plan to bake a GF version and share it with my GF neighbors! (Yes, from a mix with no wheat flour what-so-ever!)

Double-Up Self Blessing

With intention, sweep your arms through the air in a gathering motion, and bring the air element to you before speaking aloud each Chakra’s blessing.

Crown: I am connected to my Intuitive Wisdom.

Third Eye: I use my ability to Envision my goals and dreams.

Throat: I speak words of Truth, Love and Kindness.

Heart: I spread Love by Receiving and Offering it.

Solar Plexus: I am filled with Vibrant Energy.

Belly: I create with Love and Intention.

Vagina: I am Abundantly Healthy now and always.

Crown: I receive Radiant Energy and Wisdom from Source.

I wish you a weekend of double doses of love, pleasure and inner peace. 

Love & Light,


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