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August 2013 Blue MoonTuesday, August 20 heralds a Blue Moon!  Confusion abounds when it comes to the term “Blue Moon” because along the way, the definition was misunderstood and re-printed in an Almanac.  For a full read on it, check out this brainy explanation.  

Here’s my quick and skinny synopsis for the busy modern goddess! 

The older meaning of Blue Moon is what we are experiencing this week – four full moons in one season.  Hold on, it gets better.  Last month we had the same set-up – Aquarius Full Moon and Leo Sun.  So, this month’s repeat is the Blue Moon!  

YAWZAH!  Almost every client and friend I talk with is still experiencing the Grand Water Trine moving through his or her body.  Okay – wreaking havoc is actually what I’m hearing … and experiencing myself by way of sinus / migraine headaches, spinal alignment stuff and old injuries flaring up. 

My take?  Let all the crap come up AND OUT of your body!  Don’t ignore it or wish it away.  Get in conversation with it!         

What the heck can you expect?

Like last month, you will experience the Aquarian influence in your yearning for freedom and drive to express your individuality.  Maybe you have abandoned routine habits around exercise or eating.  Or do you want to change careers, buy a new house, move to Montana or to Venus? 

If you love the idea of getting swept up in an end-of-summer-run at all things barefoot, freedom and individualistic – remember the Higher Mind gift of this full moon.

You, with a natural propensity to get caught up in “Higher Mind / For The Good of All” energy, may get so cause-driven you forget to eat, bathe, pay your bills or sleep.  And all that idealistic do-gooder energy may find you with too many intangibles, philosophies and saying “yes” to too many idealisms.

Remember YOU in the equation of do-gooding in this world!

The opportunity of this full moon is to seek balance between both Aquarian urges, and ask yourself this question:  What is the “both/and” that I want to create?

Leo’s Summer Sun     

No, I don’t mean literal heat – although you may experience a rush of warmth when you open your heart chakra wide and invite love to flow in and out.  I think this is Leo Sun’s gift to us right now.  (The Sun goes into Virgo on Aug 22nd.)    

Full Moon Ceremony Guide

1.  Stand with your feet under your hips, take a deep breath and gaze at the full moon (or something beautiful that you love – either outside or in).  Bring both hands to your heart center and breathe into your heart.  Invite your Heart Love to flow.  Feel its warmth and imagine it expanding to what you are gazing upon with your love.  Next, ask your heart to open to receive, and ask the moon or the beautiful thing you are gazing upon to send you its love.  Let it in!   

2.  Now hold your arms out and imagine you are holding Expressing Individuality in your left hand and Worldly Idealism in your right hand.  Notice how each one feels in your hand – the weight, texture, temperature, etc.  

3.  Bring your left hand with Individualism in it to your heart and ask, “What does expressing my individuality with love look like?”  Listen for your heart’s reply.

4.  Bring your right hand with Worldly Idealism in it to your heart and ask, “What does expressing my Higher Mind Consciousness while taking care of me look like?”  Listen for your heart’s reply.

5.  Now ask your body what it needs from you to follow your heart’s advice.  Listen for that reply.

6.  Thank Grandmother Moon or your beloved object of beauty for the experience. 

Self Blessing 

Gather some air energy with your hands and bring it gently toward your chakras in turn before repeating the following aloud:  

  • Crown Chakra:  I Am Connected to My Self and All That Is.
  • Third Eye Chakra:  I Access My Inner Wisdom.
  • Throat Chakra:  I Speak with My True Voice.
  • Heart Chakra:  I Love, Am Loved and Receive Love.
  • Solar Plexus Chakra:  I Am Connected to My Individuality and Unique Gifts.
  • Belly Chakra:  I Am a Creator.
  • Vagina:  I Am Blessed With Vital Health Now and Always.
  • Feet:  I Walk My Path with Confidence.
  • Hands:  I Offer My Goodness to the World with my right hand, and Receive only Goodness from the World with my left hand.
  • Crown Chakra:  I Am Connected to My Self and All That Is.

Please leave a comment below and share what you are experiencing during this Blue Moon energy. 

Happy Full Moon and Blessed Be, Y’all!

Love & Light,



  1. Love the new Self-Blessing!

  2. Thank you so much.

  3. Hi Cat,

    Thanks for your lovely new blessing. I always find your blessings to be just what I need at the time!!!
    On a side note, I have been thinking of you since you wrote about having an overstretched SI ligament. I have experience with an overstretched SI ligament also and have been on a journey of healing for the past couple years. I would be happy to share what I know with you if you are interested.

    • Kris – wonderful to hear the blessings enter at just the right time for you! Would love to talk healing journey with you! Thank you for offering. xo

      • I think it would be best if we scheduled some time to talk on the phone, maybe 20 minutes. Mid morning to early afternoon is best for me, 11-2. Let me know what day/time is best for you and we can schedule it.
        kris haley recently posted..Hello world!

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