Aries Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

SuperMoon June 2013Are you feeling feisty AND like hiding under the covers until some “storm” of change you feel coming passes?  This full moon is a GREAT time to have a few long-time-coming conversations … with yourself and others.

Aries Full Moon is like an energetic magic wand, offering courage, passion, assertiveness, and a little attitude strut and righteousness.  (Handle those last two elements with care!  Remember – Aries is a fire sign and words can quickly destroy homes.)  Use that swagger to explore and be a pioneer.   

Sun in Libra opposite the Full Moon in Aries reminds us to use our strut and courage for the sake of harmony, peace and love in our relationships.  Venus ruled Libra prefers partnerships that involve collaboration and heartfelt conversation. 

The partial Lunar Eclipse element acts like an energy-enhancing crystal on a magic wand, further heightening our emotions and desire.

Opposites Attract!

Even though Aries and Libra are opposites, the combo is good.  Independent Aries needs Libra’s collaboration and harmony-seeking Libra needs Aries’ courage to go through the discomfort that change can cause. 

To take advantage of this dual energy, follow the dance between the “I”, “other” and “we” bits of relationships outlined below.

The I

1.  Push the pause button and get clear on how you are showing up in key relationships.  What are you grateful for?  What’s working?  What’s not?  Which needs are being met?  Which aren’t?  What boundaries are missing?  What new territories can you explore? 

The Other

2.  Think about the people with whom you want to have relationship conversations.  What “language” do they respond well to?  What type of behavior makes them shut down?  What do they need from you in order to hear you?  What do you want to be grateful for in three months?

The We

3.  Set-up a time to talk with plenty of empty space on either side of the conversation.  Everything may not get dealt with.  That is okay.  Aries is a “start-up” energy and beginning is often more than half of the battle.

4.  At the end of the conversation, set a mutual time to continue, or re-evaluate the changes set in motion.  Then express your gratitude.  

Aries Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Self-Blessing

Gather fire energy by scooping the energy above a candle flame with your hands and bring them gently toward your chakras in turn before repeating the following aloud: 

  • Crown Chakra:  I am aligned with my highest good.
  • Third Eye Chakra:  My Vision is illuminated.
  • Throat Chakra:  I speak my truth with courage, care and love.
  • Heart Chakra:  I embrace my passionate, resilient heart.
  • Solar Plexus Chakra:  I am responsible for my contributions.
  • Belly Chakra:  I create, play and receive.
  • Vagina:  I am Blessed With Vital HEALTH Now and Always.
  • Feet:  I choose to walk my unique path with love for all.
  • Hands: I offer with joy, I receive with gratitude.
  • Crown Chakra:  I am aligned with my highest good.

So, dear Modern Goddess, please share below what you will create with your awakened courage, passion and assertiveness!    

Love & Light,


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