Are You There Yet?

green_question_mark_with_big_shadow“Are we there yet?” is that oft asked question at this time of year, usually from the backseat of a car by a child under the age of twelve.

I’m well over the age of twelve but can very easily find myself in the impatience of a twelve year old.  Rather than being tired of the backseat of a car, I’m impatient to see results and feel the achievement of goals set at the beginning of the year … like the launch of my new program, Your Body’s $uccess Blueprint!

If impatience sounds familiar, this post is for you!  My impatience became oh-so-clear earlier this week while peeling a client off the proverbial ceiling of her fear, impatience and saboteurs.  I could see very clearly how much momentum she was losing by swimming in the waters of impatience and fear.  Sound familiar? 

Coach Thyself, Coach!

After coaching her to experience what it felt like to really swim in those waters, she said she wanted to get out of the polluted pond and find an enormous lake with clear water to swim in.  Momentum began to re-build immediately.

When I got off the phone with her, I led myself through a similar experiential exercise.  My impatience felt more like having to push myself through the last miles of a marathon … which I’ve never run!  I embodied feeling out-of breath, the heaviness in my legs, the tiredness in my mind as I imagined how I would feel during mile 24 of a marathon. 

Suddenly, I sprang up from my chair, remembering that I am a sprinter by nature!  I immediately grabbed my marathon to-do list and chunked it into “sprints” that I knew I could accomplish.

The Who in the What

My values of accomplishment and service had been feeling squished so impatience had sneaked in.  The impatience led me to feeling un-accomplished.  It also unleashed my saboteur to say nasty things like, “You aren’t helping people right now.  That is your job.  You were put on earth to be of service and lift up humanity.  Slacker.”  

I really hate it when my saboteur hi-jacks my life purpose and values!

If you’ve been feeling like that child in the backseat asking, “Are we there yet?” I have three ways to support you to get back into the driver’s seat of your convertible and have some fun, fun, fun in your business and life!

What You Can Do Right Now!

  1. Register for the Ignite The Power Within telesummit and listen to my interview on Tuesday, July 16, 2013 at 4:00 p.m. pacific.  I will share the top three ways you can return to Client-Magnet Confidence, Self-Trust and the Art of Discernment.
  2. Click “Contact Cat” on the navigation bar above to be one of the first to receive registration information about my new group coaching program: Your Body’s $uccess Blueprint – What Your Body Knows About Your Business.  (In the message area simply type YB$B.)
  3. Summer of Self Love Offer!  I’m offering a Summer of Self Love one-hour, transform impatience into momentum session to the first ten people who contact me … for the CRAZY-LOW-LOVE-YOU investment of $250.00.  I don’t offer hourly rates … I don’t offer one-off sessions … I don’t know why my Inner Goddess is compelling me to offer this … so grab this RIGHT now while I’m feeling the love!  Click “Contact Cat” on the navigation bar above and say, “I want the Summer of Self Love, Baby!” 

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