12/21/2012 Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice StonehengeThis post is … long!  I weave in the numerology and astrology of 12/21/2012, and then offer a Winter Solstice Completion Ceremony outline.  Please grab a cup of something warm to sip, put your feet up and settle in for the read with your heart wide open. 

It’s Just Math

There is an important number derived from all those one’s and two’s and it is eleven.  12/21/2012 = 11 in Numerology.  The 11’s energy opens doorways to enlightenment and higher consciousness; the much awaited Age of Aquarius.

Considering the crescendo of tragic, senseless loss and catastrophic events of late, this 11 energy is most welcome.  The hope and light found in the Age of Aquarius can help us heal the dark corners of pain, loss and cruelty on both individual and community levels.  

This 11 energy is the potential for great leaps in our Spiritual and personal evolution.  And, let’s be clear – we are ready.  You are ready and I am ready to evolve beyond limited thoughts, outdated stories and our tenderly held old wounds.  (Old wounds are not current grief.)     

This is about upping the game of Spiritual connection – whatever that means or looks like to you.  There is no right way or best way.  Whatever way you choose to create more space for your Spirit, Love and Light in life will do.

The 12/21/2012 Astrology  

The biggest influences are a Yod (called the finger of God) and a T-Square (two planets opposite, both squaring another planet).  The Yod has Jupiter (expansion, luck, higher mind, learning quickly by hard knocks) as the pointer.  Pluto (death, transformation, transfiguration, rebirth) and Saturn (structure, order, power, authority) are fueling the energy of Jupiter’s pointing finger.

What the heck does that mean?  Structure, social order and authority are battling with death, transformation and rebirth for the attention of expansion, higher mind, and shifts in consciousness.  Phew!  

Le Freak

I believe what has some people so freaked out is they view circumstances through an either/or lens, in this case, the proverbial showdown between good and evil.  This Yod has occurred before and though governments and their people fought, the world did not end.  When Saturn is involved, economic structure will play a driving role in the changes.  (No crystal ball needed for that one!)

As for the T-Square – Venus is opposite Neptune, and Jupiter is involved again. Earthly pleasure (over doing it at the holiday open bar and buffet or something with that hot co-worker) is opposite the deep need for spiritual enlightenment – again squaring off with expansion and higher mind stuff. 

Thank Goodness For Coaching!

In Coaching terms: the more people cave into their individual saboteurs and fear, the more Saturn will fuel the global Saboteur.  Jupiter is the magnanimous Team Captain, though is influenced by Saturn’s “the sky is falling, the sky is falling” hand-wringing and Pluto, at once acting like the wise crone, sitting in the porch rocking chair and the next minute, like that kid in chemistry class who wanted to find out what happens when you mix a few acids together and light a match! 

What’s a Modern Goddess to do?

Do the things that center, calm, soothe, relax and keep mellow.  Focus on the lightness of love.  If some spouted off edict feels heavy (including this one!) it is probably not true. The way we know truth right now is how something feels in our body.  Truth makes us feel expanded (Jupiter), loved (Venus) or spiritually uplifted (Neptune). If something creates friction (Saturn) or depression (Pluto), simply acknowledge it and reorient your inner compass to the light of love.  

I believe the more we each focus on love, lightness and the global higher mind shift, the more we support those who are struggling in dark places to tap into their love and light.

Put A Fork In It – AKA – The Gift in the Completion Commotion

The Winter Solstice is the longest, darkest night of the year yet it rebirths the light.  This 2012 calendar-cycle-completing Solstice is a perfect time to rebirth YOUR light from the darkest corners of your pain.  I’m delving into the deep end and exhuming what feels like ancient, multi-lifetime stuff.  (Write your answers – let the stuff flow down your arm and out of your hand.  Get it OUT of you and onto paper … paper you get to burn, physically creating warmth and light from your pain.)  Here’s where I looked to get the completion party started. 

  1. How about those pesky patterns that invite undesirable circumstances or relationships?  (I am complete with not being my own top priority.)
  2. Maybe those less than empowered behaviors that keeps you going in circles like one foot is nailed to the floor?  (“This is the way I am,” stuff.)
  3. And that “lesson” you keep re-learning?  (Saying “It’s OK,” doesn’t make it so.)
  4. How about that one relationship you just haven’t let go of … yet?  (Still grappling with that one.  Hope I get there by Friday night.)
  5. Please, put a fork in the guilt that keeps you living in shame’s shadow.  (My kidney did not save my daddy’s life.)
  6. And my love, how about releasing that dream or goal that isn’t really yours?  (You know the one.)
  7. Who are you no longer?  (The little girl who pretends she can be invisible.)

Re-Birthday Party Time

Friday, 12/21/2012 is the day to acknowledge and celebrate your completions.  Whether you read yours silently to yourself, out loud, to a loved one or to a group, read them slowly.  Read each one over and over until you feel every cell in your body aligned in the completion.  If there is a holdout part of you, stop and bring it into alignment before you continue reading. 

Once you are through reading your list, it is time to create warmth and light with your “old” fuel.  Go outside and place your paper in a fireproof container.  Acknowledge gratitude for all the learning and life lived along the way to this moment.  Acknowledge that each hurt and insult is fuel for your evolution.  Then burn the paper.  Watch it curl up at the edges.  Watch the smoke rise into the night sky.  (Let the container sit out over night under the moon if possible.  The next day, spread the ashes.)      

12/21/2012 Self-Blessing:

Circle your hands around, catching some air above your burned completions then bring your hands to the chakra indicated as you speak the words.  (You can also dip your fingers in a bowl of water, touch a rock or crystal or wave them over a candle flame before placing your hands on your chakra points if you have set up a full altar.)

Crown Center:  I AM always blessed with connection to my Spirit.

Third Eye:  I AM blessed with clear Vision and can re-direct my thoughts to align with my vision.

Throat:  I AM blessed to express what I know and feel with ease.

Heart:  I AM blessed with a constant stream of love flowing to me, through me and from me.

Solar Plexus:  I AM blessed with abundant life-force energy!  I am undauntable when I choose to be!

Belly:  I AM blessed with delight, laughter and true nourishment.

Vagina:  I AM blessed with vibrant health in all the cycles of my life – maiden, mother, matriarch and crone.

Feet:  I AM blessed with joy, passion and purpose on my life path.

Hands:  I AM blessed with healing touch.

Crown:  I AM blessed with ever increasing amounts of Self Love in Action.

Blessed Be.

The Gift in the 12/22/2012 Beginning

The calendar cycle being birthed on the 2012 Winter Solstice asks that we intend and anchor the experience of ever increasing amounts of harmony and balance in our relationships: with self, between humanity and nature, and with our Divine Essence and Oneness.


I believe we all yearn to experience outrageous amounts of Self-Love.  When I ran the pilot of The Self Love Challenge, I participated.  Here’s what I re-learned:

  • The more I love myself, the more my longing heart is able to receive love from others. 
  • The more I love myself, the easier my mind generates new thought patterns that open new possibilities.  (Hello High-Touch AND High-Tech!)
  • The more I love myself, the less time I fritter away re-hashing the past via imaginary conversations.
  • The more I love myself, the more joy-filled my life experiences are.

What Will You Begin Now?

  • What will support you to experience ever increasing amounts of harmony and balance in your relationships: with self, with others, with nature, and with your Divine Essence and Oneness?  
  • What do you want to name YOUR new cycle?
  • Who do you get to be in this fresh space?

Please share below your experiences of release, your new beginnings or anything else you glean from this Winter Solstice journey.

Wishing you the experiences of peace and love, at Solstice and always. 




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