11:11 New Moon in Scorpio

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Let’s start with the past week, shall we?  Almost every deep conversation I’ve had with clients, friends and hello – myself – has been centered around an emotional upheaval caused by “news” from the past. Letters have arrived from unexpected old loves, old behaviors have crept in on not-so-silent-tip-toe, perhaps old bills / debt has resurfaced, or a former physical injury has flared up. (The lucky of us have all of these things happening at once!)

The AWESOME news is today you have the opportunity to see these upheavals for what they are – your past. Even if you have become emotionally swamped, right NOW, you can choose to continue walking your emerging path with all your new tools, hard-won skills and behaviors. Ready?

The EASE filled way to do this is to connect to your heart, your soul, your truth and your innate goodness. When I say ease-filled I mean right now:

1. Place your hand on your heart center, take three slow gentle breaths and then whisper three times, “I love you (your name), I love you (your name), I love you (your name).”

2. Take three more slow gentle breaths and whisper three times, “I forgive you (name), I forgive you (name), I forgive you (name).”

3. Take three more slow gentle breaths and whisper, “I release (behavior), I release (behavior), I release (behavior).”

The New Moon in Scorpio today is ready to support your transformation. Out of the darkness of old pain and into the light of the 11:11. The 11:11 energy supports us to create new realities based on love; self-love, unconditional love of others and freely offered love – the no-strings-attached love. 

So, dear Modern Goddess, what three new realities do you choose to experience born out of self-love, unconditional love of others and freely offered love?

Happy 11:11, y’all!

Love & Light,




  1. Hi Cat! I choose the reality of reaping the rewards, the reality of letting myself have the support I need, and the reality of leveraging my strengths.

    XO, Claire

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