Missing The Magic? Five Easy Steps to Feel It Again!

“How can I be blasé about my 5 star view of the Pacific Ocean?  What’s wrong with me?” I wondered, sipping my coffee on an overcast morning. 

I used to greet my Auntie Pacifica each day and observe her state of mind.  Was she ruffled by the wind, smooth and silky, blue or gray?  Lately, I barely notice my view that millions of people only get to experience on vacation.  Talk about a guilt & gulp moment.

What is Blasé, really?

  • Lack of Magic
  • Stuck in a Rut
  • Autopilot
  • Boredom

Later that day, a beloved friend asked me how long ago it was that I “healed” myself.  I told her two years this month.  She and I both knew she was referring to what my doctor diagnosed as the “interesting” tissue-filled ovarian cyst.  (Cysts are fluid filled, tissue is suspect.) 

From Blasé to Magic

I was not blasé for one moment with the diagnosis. I dove into a healing journey that took me to new layers of self-love and forgiveness by way of naturopathic healers, a change of diet, meditation, visualizations and laying-on-of-hands healing by dear friends.     

I was so un-blasé in my approach to healing, the cyst shrank by half in ten days and the scheduled surgery cancelled.  Within a month, it was gone entirely.

We’re like that, aren’t we?  Crisis strikes and we jump into action.  The thrill of a new project evokes our creativity and excitement.  After the first luster wears off or exhaustion sets in, we return to neutral and blasé. 


I’m in the midst of writing a book about my healing journey and what it means to really take charge of our bodies as women.  Here’s the real confession: I’ve gotten a little blasé about the miracles of my healing journey. 

Guilt and Gulp moment again.  I know the personal struggles, hurdles and resources I share in this book will be profoundly liberating and quite possibly life-saving. 

And here’s the thing:   

Blasé doesn’t inspire me to complete the re-write.  Blasé makes me forget how bloody grateful I am I did not have surgery.  Blasé dulls my view of the gift my story will be to women grappling with a diagnosis in their female anatomy.  (And really, it doesn’t get much scarier than that, does it?)

As promised, the Five Easy Steps to Feel YOUR Magic!

  1. Ask, what important goals or areas of life have I become blasé about?  (i.e. – where are you bored?!)
  2. What is important about that goal / life area?
  3. What if I don’t complete the goal or continue to ignore my life?
  4. Who are my allies and how can I utilize them?
  5. Connect to what you love each day.  For me, it is my gorgeous Auntie Pacifica!  If you can’t get to that spot in nature that makes your heart sing, go outside wherever you are and feel grass on your bare feet or run your hand over the bark of a tree.

I walked myself through these five easy steps and I’m inspired by all the magic I feel when I write, re-write, and re-write again!   

Please share your stories of Blasé to Magic below!  Let’s inspire one another!

Love & Light,


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