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Equinox BalanceDespite summer’s last gasp of soaring temperatures, the Fall Equinox is this week: Saturday, September 22, 2012.  We enter the sun sign of Libra, which is all about restoring balance, harmony and fairness.  The trick?  To give those things to ourselves as much as we offer them to others.

Then & Now

As a kid I thought the transition from summer to fall was about moving from playtime to study-time (and that I could officially start making my “wish list” for Santa Clause!). 

As a “tweenie” I didn’t think much about the transition other than I liked the idea of changing my closet around to make space for new boots and sweaters.

On the Goddess / Earth Cycle / Feminine Heart path for twenty years, I’ve learned to look at the Equinox as an opportunity to re-align around my true priorities.  And at this stage of life, my priority is evoking actions based on Self-Love.

The Fall Equinox and Balance 

From the Earth Cycle perspective, the Fall Equinox is about a balance of night and day (from Latin – “equal night”).  It also heralds the final harvest before winter.  Traditionally, it is a time of gratitude for the abundance of food that will feed a community during the winter.

From the Goddess perspective, each year contains life’s cycles.  The Fall Equinox represents the end of the growing cycle or “mothering” and the beginning of earth’s rest and “Crone” wisdom.  We prepare winter’s cave for healing and spiritual growth.

From the Feminine Heart perspective, the Fall Equinox invites us to look into how well we are balancing our Feminine and Masculine energies.  Are we doing too much at the cost of our rest, rejuvenation and connection time?  Are we so focused on the internal journey that we are forgetting to make tangible our inner changes? 

What Can Self-Love Do?

During last month’s Full Moon ceremony, I shared that I shed over fifteen inches of flesh in three months by listening to and loving my body.  When I told my darling friend Morgana Rae that I was busy creating a program to share exactly what I did during my Self Love Challenge, she said, “Talk about the numbers.  Fifteen inches is significant!”  

Even though my Saboteur thinks I’m bragging, I’m going to share my digits!   Down six and a half pounds on the scale and fifteen and a half inches on the measuring tape, I’m loving what Self-Love creates! 

I called the three months of intentionally shape-shifting my body a “Self Love Challenge” because I didn’t want to punish my body into shape or starve it into my favorite jeans.  Grueling workouts and starvation were tools of my twenties that do not fit my life any more.  I let my body speak to me and gave it what it wanted when it wanted it.  So simple, yet a big stretch for this former COOC!  (Chief Operating Officer of Control)

The Odd Thing About Balance

As a concept for life it is constantly shifting!  The very nature of Balance asks us to continually seek what is true in the present. 

Reflecting upon the Fall Equinox and Balance this week, I see my truth: Self-Love is a magic wand that invokes Balance.  So, I choose to consciously stretch my Self-Love into other areas of my life as I fine-tune my new “Self-Love Challenge” program for you!  

You know what area of your own life feels out of whack.  If your whole life feels like it is out of balance, choose one of the following to begin creating a sense of balance:  Career, Money, Physical Health, Friends & Family Relationships, Significant Other Relationship, Personal / Spiritual Growth, Fun & Recreation, Physical Environment.  

Once clear on the life area, grab a pen and paper, and write your answers to the following questions!  These are the questions I asked (and answered!) that initiated my Self Love Challenge with my Physical Health.

The Questions

What habit in this life area doesn’t serve you? 

What is an old modus operandi that takes you out of balance?   

Where are you hard on yourself?

Where are you indulgent with yourself?

What area of life feels like autopilot?

What is it to experience Self-Love?

Meditation & Self Blessing Audio!

Rather than just type the Fall Equinox Self-Blessing, I recorded a short meditation and the Self Blessing for you.  Click here to listen and follow along!  Fall Equinox Meditation 

Please let me know if you like having an audio and want more recorded meditations and self blessings!  

Much Love,



  1. Energy and love just radiate off the computer screen when I am reading your blog! Thank you for sharing!

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