Blue Moons & Self Love

The August 2012 Blue MoonFriday, August 31, 2012 is the full moon and a “Blue Moon” at that.

There are two definitions floating around about the term Blue Moon.  The older of the two definitions refers to the third of four full moons in one season (there are typically three moon cycles per season).  The “newer” and some would say accidental definition refers to the second full moon in one month. 

Either way – Blue Moons don’t happen regularly.  In fact, the next one isn’t until July 2015!

Don’t Hem Me In!

The second full moon in one calendar month brings up notions of extra, rare, different … even non-conformist!  After all, the moon will not be hemmed in by our silly human way of counting time.  Why should any Modern Goddess be hemmed in by constraints placed upon us?  (Especially the self-imposed kind.)

This Pisces Blue Moon practically BEGS us to ditch the illusions of “can’t” and “shouldn’t” and “not ____ enough” for good.  This moon also begs us to call B.S. on that thing we’ve been battling most of our lives (you know the one!) and to make friends with it, embrace it, even fall in love with it!

What to Embrace?  You of course!

Right now, give yourself full permission to receive the gifts of this moon and embrace yourself in a whole-hearted, all-in, going for it way.

Me?  I’m embracing this magical body of mine.  I’m done believing it should be anything other than it is.  Good Goddess – it has survived a catastrophic car-train wreck, a kidney donation, another car wreck where I was “t-boned”, odd-growths disappearing without surgery and 48 years lived in full-tilt-boogie-Aries mode!

There is a ripple effect across the board in my life when I act with love toward my body and respect it.  I want the ripple effect of Self-Love for all of us to happen VERY regularly.

Bonus Benefits

Full Moon in Pisces is an invitation to embrace our FULL emotional range, including Joy, Love, Peace and Lightness.

What if you cast off the illusion that you are supposed to: be any different than you are, feel different feelings, wear a different size skirt, have fewer crinkles around your eyes when you smile, (hello, you are smiling!) … I’m sure you get the idea. 

The Age of Self-Love Is Here

1967 was the “Summer of Love” and the “Dawning of the Age of Aquarius” some of us wish we could have participated in.  I say let’s make Thursday, August 30 the kick-off of a new Age – the Age of Self-Love.

I’m talking radical Self-Love through complete Self-Acceptance.  Start with a look at these questions:

  1. What am I fighting with myself about in my current reality?  (I’ve heard it said by many wise people that fighting reality is a losing proposition … just sayin’!)
  2. What war am I waging against my body?
  3. What have I been battling with about myself my whole life?
  4. Who could I be without that battle?
  5. Who am I when I am kind to myself?

The LA Modern Goddesses will gather in ceremony Thursday, August 30 to stand in and for radical Self-Love. 

What You Can Do To Celebrate

Look up at Grandmother moon on Thursday or Friday and howl a little!

Then, out loud, say:

  • 3 things about YOU that you are grateful for (Extra gratitude points if it is that thing that you’ve been battling with your whole life!). 
  • 3 things you will do for the next 28 days that demonstrate radical self-love (Can be things you are going to stop doing, too … like stopping those voices of can’t, shouldn’t, or any “enough” b.s.!).
  • Dance a little then do the Self Blessing below!

August 30, 2012 Blue Moon Self-Blessing

Circle your hands around, catching some air then bring your hands to the chakra indicated as you speak the words.  You can also dip your fingers in a bowl of water before placing your hands on your chakra points.

Crown CenterI AM blessed with profound connection to my Spirit.

Third EyeI AM blessed with clear Vision and direction.

ThroatI AM blessed with truth and ease of expressing what I feel.

HeartI AM blessed with love, affection, and connection.

Solar PlexusI AM blessed with energy and vitality!

BellyI AM blessed with creativity and momentum.

VaginaI AM blessed with vibrant health in all the cycles of my life – maiden, mother, matriarch and crone.

FeetI AM blessed with joy along my life path.

HandsI AM blessed with the ability to use my gifts to touch others.

CrownI AM blessed with profound Self Love.

Blessed Be.

I’d love to hear from you – What does Self-Love look like to you?  What gets in the way of you experiencing it?  What supports you to act from it?

Happy Blue Mooning!



  1. cat, what a timely message. as we get to enjoy the blue moon in just a few days, why not take the time to enjoy the self-love you are encouraging. i’m on board.


    Jeff recently posted..When Writing Disasters Strike

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